Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Days

Well we are on day two out of school due to snow. And while the snow did derail many plans yesterday, new ones took their place.

After some sledding at our house and some driveway clearing, we packed up and headed to Ann and Hans'. We generally over-ran the place for more sledding,

game playing, pretzel making and overall snow day relaxing. It was no swim meet but then again, it was no swim meet!

The sleet made us loath to stand out in the cold on Stanley but it was such a great afternoon that it's hard to argue with our largely indoor plan.

By evening the roads were clear enough that we could make it to our dinner reservations so Ann & my joint birthday dinner, oft plagued by illness and weather, came off without a hitch!

Naturally, school was cancelled today but seeing as the roads were quite passable in the Jeep, we were compelled to head to the gym. But as we were gearing up, Amy called with an infinitely better offer of sledding on Richelieu. Morrigan and Eion found friends there too and we had a fun morning of sledding and, in the case of my crew, snow eating. Blech.

And on the continued good news front, the girls' Christmas piano party as well as our Cocktail Club seem to be a go! While I may still object to Mother Nature's timing, that past few days have turned out pretty well.

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