Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Beginning to Look Allot Like Christmas

The Grandparents have landed! And with them came enough gifts to cover Grandparents, parents and Santa too. The kids were very excited to place them all under the tree and in the case of Eion, so excited that the wrapping paper "fell off" one gift. The temptation being so very large and the volume of gifts so very high (especially when you add parents, Santa and Uncles), we decided to let them open a gift each day leading up to Saturday.

The girls received several games which were immediately put into action. Eion assembled his legos directly and started telling us about how these figures fit into a larger collection and he would need to get all of those too. The child has a future as a lobbyist.

Morrigan really wanted me to go to her Christmas party since I always went to the Crystal Spring parties. Luckily, Mom and Dad arrived in time for the last day of school before break so they covered Maggie and E while I went to Morrigan's school.

Oma and Opa will have to take a brief break from spoiling the kids to go with me tonight to pick up Uncle Dominick and Uncle Chris. They are arriving way past my bedtime (11:30 - PM!!!) but seeing as this is the first Christmas we've managed to get everyone together since 2005, I will forgive them. :)

The Big Top tent is going to be crowded for the next few days so I don't know if I will be online. In case I don't make it back in, have a safe, happy and relaxing Christmas.

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