Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ice Castles

With not a whole heck of allot going on this Sunday afternoon, Tim said we should take the kids ice skating at the Roanoke Civic Center. I was feeling pessimistic about the entire adventure. For a multitude of reasons:

1) We had never even gotten the girls to roller skate, let alone ice skate.
2) It was "Blessed Blades" day which meant Christian rock. No offense to the big man, but rock and roll (and rap and pop) are really the Devil's territory.
3) Tim played ice hockey as a kid so he would be fully capable to assist. I, on the other hand, had not been on skates in 17ish years and wasn't that good then. Not only was I not sure I could assist, I wasn't sure I wouldn't spend the afternoon on my arse.

I was sure that it would be a disaster, full of complaining, but trying to be supportive, said if the kids were on board, I would go too. With a smile on my face.

The girls were all about it. E said he wanted to watch which was fine by me because that meant I got to watch!

Though the start was slow, the girls were soon skating tentatively around the rink.

To my complete shock, Eion decided he wanted to get out there. So he and I got some skates and got on the rink. Luckily, the girls were stable enough to be on their own so Tim could get E started while I found my "ice legs."

So OK, I was totally wrong. Everyone had fun. Everyone got out there. I was, while not spectacular, completely competent. I even learned to skate backwards, a first. I did fall once and I think I am going to have a doozy of a bruise on my behind, but it was great. When we left, 2 1/2 hours later, Eion was so bummed. Promises we would return soon had no effect. He said he wants to play hockey so he can skate all the time. Words to his Daddy's ears.


Jonathan Carlin said...

Hello Katie,

This is Jonathan Carlin, marketing coordinator for the RCC. Just wanted to thank you for this great blog, and let you know that I'll be posting a link to it from our facebook page! Hope to see you back out on the ice soon =D

Jeff St Real said...

I took Noah a couple weeks ago and he loved it, despite going front teeth first into the ice within the opening 5 minutes. He was literally hooked into the ice like a walrus - big front choppers on that boy.

I grew up skating, but it's been 20years and I forgot how much your feet hurt if you don't skate all the time. But we hung in there for the full three hours and had a blast. We should get a big group together and go sometime.