Friday, December 18, 2009

The (Potential) Blizzard of December '09

I love the South and their fear of snow. We are forcasted to get 12 inches dumped on us tonight and the town is in an uproar. The grocery store was wall to wall people stocking up for the weekend. What was the best was seeing what people just couldn't live without. My personal favorite was the cart laden with soda and chips. Nothing but the essentials!

After escaping unscathed there, it was off to hunt for snow gear. We determined this morning that Maggie needed new boots and Eion and Morrigan needed snowsuits. WalMart had nothing for me. Nothing! I thought they had everything. Now I was getting a little worried. If they didn't have snowsuits, who would? But Kmart came through for the snowsuits, though E will be rocking purple bibs, and Rack Room Shoes had boots.

While out shopping, Jerry called and let me know that school was letting out at 11:30. Not one flake of snow has fallen. But I learned years ago that threat of snow alone can bring this town to a grinding halt.

To try to save others the frantic trips to the store, we were busy in the lending cold weather clothes lending department. At one point, I had three bags labeled for their various recipients waiting inside my door today. Couldn't find what you need? Give me a call, I just might have it!

So cupboards stocked and appropriate outerwear purchased, I'm off to pick up the kids and wait to get snowed in!

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sarahanneblum said...

Thanks for lending us the boots! Caroline is very excited to wear Morrigan's and "Abbie's" boots!