Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Career in Video

So today I came to the conclusion that I am possibly the world's worst videographer. I forgot to send my mother in law a birthday card (birthday is tomorrow - I didn't forget the birthday, just the card) so I thought I would post on youtube a video of the kids singing happy birthday. After I fire that up, I start poking around on the computer through the many, many unedited hours of Big Top video. And I was enthralled. There was video I don't even remember taking. Like the girls at the hospital the day Eion was born.

I so very much enjoyed this trip down memory lane that I thought, what else lurks in the camera currently? What I found was bits and pieces of all manner of school plays, dances and the like, NONE of which seem to be complete. Seems I have a habit of rewinding, watching part of a video and then just starting on something new. Granted, I am only taping every few months, so you can see how one would forget, but how do I explain that I have Morrigan's dance recital (well most of it anyway) but not Maggie's?

But what I do have in its entirety is Maggie's Veteran's Day performance, during which she was almost constantly picking her nose. Well thank god I didn't tape over that. But I am turning over a new leaf today (or really tomorrow since I am unlikely to record any video tonight.) No more rewinding. And hopefully I will upload more than once every few years. I will console myself with the idea that the kids will be happy with the video they do have, right?

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Amy said...

Oh lord. When -- if? -- I get around to uploading the paltry videos that I have (maybe 5 hours total, since we got the thing in '06?), I'm QUITE sure I'll discover I've done the same thing. The majority of the footage will probably be M in mid-tantrum, as we discovered that taping it is a good way to make her cease & desist. And those of course I never rewind to view, since once is vastly more than enough!