Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!

As you all know, we had to wait until the very, very last minute for Tim's schedule. As a result, all our family has (understandably) made other plans. While one would think the world waits on us, sometimes it doesn't.

So we find ourselves with no visitors to entertain, all the shopping done and 6 days off with Tim! Can't say we have been up to anything remarkable, but it has been wonderfully relaxing. I love when Vacation Tim is here.

Since time was in abundance, I thought it would be an excellent family activity to do a puzzle together. So we laid out the pieces and began to sort. It quickly became apparent to us all that we had chosen a much too difficult puzzle. Morrigan bailed first, then Maggie. (E was never on board anyway.) There I was, with Tim, doing an impossibly hard puzzle. And truth be known, I really hate puzzles. I just thought it would be a good family thing. Smooth move Katie.

Christmas Eve was very low key. We went to the store and got in the holiday melee to pick up some last minute dinner items. We asked the kids what they wanted to eat and it was bacon and raspberries. Might be the easiest holiday dinner I've ever cooked! After some old school holiday specials (think Rudolph's Shiny New Year,) we set out milk and cookies for Santa and it was off to bed!

"Santa" carted all the gifts out of her closet and then she went to bed too.

Where she was awoken by three little ones ready to open gifts at 5:11am. Nope, back to bed minions. I can't start quite that early. But by 6:40, I had given in and the holiday frenzy was on!

Some of the best quotes:

Eion, as he opened his Dsi, "Oooh, a Dsi! I wanted a red one." Sorry E, you get to enjoy a blue one.

Maggie, as she opened her last present, "I know what this is. It is a crayon maker!" Not so much:

Now the crayon maker was added to the list two days ago, after entire Christmas budget was spent. Not to mention, the darn thing is $90 and I probably wouldn't have bought it anyway. So Maggie and I got to have a conversation about how just because you put it on a list doesn't mean you get it.

By 7am, the gift opening was complete and they were off to enjoy a healthy breakfast of chewing gum and chocolate.

Overall, I think Christmas was a success. I've enjoyed the irony of Maggie, who did not ask for a Dsi but received one anyway because I knew if two kids got one, they all had to get one, is the only one who seems to be playing with it. Other than Tim and me of course. He has lost all his Bakugan battles so far and I've discovered I am a terrible virtual cook. Eion has thus far refused to play Mario Kart but does like watching us play. Go figure.

We're enjoying the freezing rain which means we may have to stay put today and dodge the barrage of nerf darts all day. (The color of that gun was right!) And maybe I can improve my virtual cooking. Merry Christmas!

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