Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Even Tim Thought I Was Busy Sunday

Super Supper Club was Saturday and, though I was having a great time, I vacated with Tim early, to much heckling. But I was well aware of what was in store for me on Sunday. The gym, the kids' tennis lesson and then a Daisy meeting where I would lead these girls:

in craft making. Not my forte but the frames turned out cute.

Then it was off to one of my favorite holiday parties, the ornament exchange! I brought my new camera lens (that I love so much - thank you Timmy!) and said I would try to take some pictures for the hostesses. I was almost a complete failure. I took two.

Good thing I work for free! Maybe next year.

I have spent years trying to bring an ornament that would be "stolen" and desired in the swap. And I have, for years, failed. This year, the rules were changed and we each just took an ornament on the way out. Wouldn't you know it, the Rudolph ornament I brought was fawned over and so many people asked where I bought it. Bad timing I suppose.

Then it was home to prepare for a last minute trip to DC. All the minutia forthcoming (regardless of whether you want it or not) but first it's off to another ornament exchange!

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