Monday, December 21, 2009

Day Three: Snowbound!

I'm exaggerating just a bit. Saturday we were truly stuck. Tim made it to work, in the Jeep, but the roads were not worth the risk for the rest of us. Not to mention, if we did go out, I think the only thing open was the ER! Yesterday, while major roads were by and large clear, our street was still dicey and Tim narrowly escaped our circle. He recommended staying home.

Today I think we would have been clear to go but honestly, with school cancelled, Christmas shopping done and Tim at work, I was content to hole up for one more day here.

The kids and I have had a fine time playing in the snow, watching movies, and popping pop corn. The only place I could think to go was the gym and I had all the workout I needed here clearing walkways and a path to the mailbox.

I was a bit bummed about our sledding situation. While we have ample hills, most end their run in a forest with no flat land for slowing down. I didn't need a trip to visit Tim with one of the minions having a concussion. But today I fashioned this mini slope down our stairs and built a snow impact wall into which the kids could crash. Not ideal but passing.

With the streets largely clear and Tim starting a six day off stretch (hooray!) we are looking forward to a white Christmas. And the kids are thrilled that school is cancelled for the rest of the year!

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Amy said...

Arrrrr, Matey!

Glad you are enjoying your homeboundness, and clever you for engineering a sledding slope. We sledded directly on Richelieu for 36hrs, but the plows put an end to that!