Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christmas Cards

Sometimes I am surprised at the number of unwritten rules by which I live. One that is set in stone is Thou shalt not send out thy Christmas cards prior to Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving, you're in the clear.

A friend was telling us today after tennis that she received one a week before Thanksgiving which I am sorry to say is just plain showing off. I literally have had mine addressed, stamped and sealed in mid November and left them on the counter until turkey day was done.

Not so much this year. I do have them ordered and should get them out before the 25th but I am behind the curve. The first card I received for the year was ultra impressive as the sender has four kids, one of whom is 6ish months old, and a step daughter and got those cards out before December 1st.

But whenever they come, I love getting Christmas cards. Those from local friends, out of town family and even the ones from people with whom the Christmas card is your only communication. One of my favorite in-town card stories is when Ann received Family X's card and told me about how her kids were being just awful and Family X's card arrived. They looked all perfect and she felt even worse. I mentioned that my card should have come that day too. She told me yes, "but we all know your family is far from perfect." So true, so true.

And I know there are those who think the once a year friendship reminder is trite. Me, I don't mind. Even if I can't be as close as I once was with old friends, that Christmas card is a reminder of what we were to each other. And that were we to bump into each other, we're still friends. So my list is large and ever-expanding as it takes seriously ticking me off to be removed. And if you aren't on it yet, send me a card. Always happy to add another friend.

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Anonymous said...

Christmas cards are my favorite thing about the holiday--and I always have mine reading around Thanksgiving too! I spend the whole year trying to get a good picture! It is a dying art, however. Last year I received a card from a friend that was 3 years old. The dog in the card had since died. She felt like it was a waste not to send the cards that had been sitting around for 3 years. So I got a picture of her and her dead dog. Weird, huh?