Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to Work

Boo, boo! Tim goes back to work tonight ending a lovely 6 day family filled stretch. We've been relaxing and accomplishing very little around here and as one unnamed reader [that's you Dad] pointed out, a dearth of blogging. So just for that reader, a little catch up.....

We were able to make it out on Christmas and attend a lovely party that a friend's father holds annually. The kids were almost wholly self sufficient, leaving us to socialize at will. Since I had been largely home bound since the big storm, this was very welcome.

Granted, Eion and his pals had a very different idea of Holiday socializing.

We felt the need to depart as it approached bedtime for the kids and Maggie told us she and the host's grandson were "busy kissing in the basement." Exit, stage left.

Since the 25th, we have had allot of downtime, some visiting friends and a new familiarity with the Nintendo Corporation's warranty and returns department. Maggie, after having it for exactly one day, dropped and broke her new dsi. But I handeled it extremely well. I fussed at Maggie, making her cry and then while complaining to Tim that I was unsure of the location of the receipt, Morrigan said, "So it was you who bought them!" [The dsis were "Santa" gifts.] So I yelled at her telling her to get out of the room this instant. So much for peaceful family holiday time. Did I mention that one of my New Year's resolutions is to control my temper?

In the additional family cheer department, Tim has about had it with the cats after they got into his breakfast this morning and wants to oust them from the clan. Maggie is largely unconcerned. She told me this morning, "I know he can't really get rid of them because you're the master of the house." Love that Maggie.

With all the cat banishment and Santa myth destroying behind us, we are getting ready for my parents' visit tomorrow and New Years, which is shaping up to be a quiet affair. And showing my age entirely, that's ok by me!

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