Friday, December 04, 2009

All That Glitters

Oh it wasn't gold! But it was the finest selection of grade A tacky Christmas sweaters you have ever seen. My personal sweater had the added bonuses of making me look huge and dowdy. Not to mention it emitted a fine black dust all night I am convinced is going to lead to respiratory issues.

This year we held the party at Kirsten's and it will likely be the last there (sniff) since their move to West Virginia looms. But don't worry, I will partner anew and keep the tradition alive! This type of finery just can't be held back.

We had assorted prizes for Sparkliest, Tackiest, Most in the Christmas Spirit, Sexiest, Colorful, Most Original and Best Overall. While I managed a few second places, my toxic masterpiece sadly was not a winner.

As ever, it was a fun night out and a great kick off to the holiday season! And even if I find a new co-host, I expect Kirsten to come back next year with a fabulous WVa find!

1 comment:

Amy said...

What a great time... and what a fabulous tradition to kick of the season! Thanks for including me in the fun!

Gee, maybe Tom can hook you up with a good black lung attorney... there must be a slew of 'em in WV after all.