Friday, November 30, 2007

Eion's Career Plans

The kids like to watch this show on Disney called Higglytown Heroes. For those who have escaped this particular program, it is a show where the characters are nesting dolls. I find it rather disturbing actually. One of the main characters is a squirrel (who I believe is voiced by the secretary from Ferris Bueller's Day Off) and they hop around and occasionally open up and extract items they need from inside their bodies. But the show's point is that everyone's job is important and we can all help others. Now which hero do you think my son chose to emulate? Not the higgly doctor, the higgly lawyer, or the higgly teacher. He spends his time being the pizza guy. [Pizza Guy being a prominently featured character in the show.] He totes around these wooden play pizza slices and ambushes you yelling "Pizza Guy!" Then forces you to choose a slice before he is off to the next victim.

Which really is better than when he is upset. He has taken to removing his shoes and socks in anger. If he is really ticked, he removes other articles of clothing as well. All the while glaring at me and occasionally mixing in a shoe hurled at my head for effect. So as far as I can see, my son's future will either involve a stripper pole or a Dominos car. It's so good.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Still Alive, But Just Barely

Why, you ask, have I been so MIA the past week? This god forsaken sinus infection. I have not been able to sleep well in a week, can't breathe and have a killer headache all the time. I did finally break down and start taking antibiotics yesterday. Hopefully, I will get well because of or in spite of them. Not to mention that when I went in to work today, I had a pile a mile high of things to do. Granted, I didn't go in last week because of Thanksgiving but I had to work 7 hours in a row today people. Really!

But I did get the proofs of the kids' Christmas pictures. Heather & Stephanie are masters of Photoshop and managed to get not one but two decent images from the painful photo session. (They are inexpensive too. Anyone in town just email me & I can give you their number!) But now I have to choose. I have a favorite but I'll keep that to myself! So here are the pictures:

So what do you think? Vote below (disclaimer: I reserve the right to completely disregard the outcome of the poll and go with what I want anyway HA!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bad, Bad Mommy

I got the calenders I made for the Grandparents on Snapfish today (sorry to spoil the surprise guys - it's not like I don't make them every year.) Morrigan was looking at it and reading all the custom dates I put in. She saw Eion's birthday and said "He was born on the 29th, just like me!" At which point I realized that I put Eion's birthday on the wrong day of the month (actually the 28th.) Oops, sorry buddy.


Here is Morrigan's original school picture:

And here is the retake:

I figure it's a crapshoot.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

As the Weekend Draws to a Close....

I know I really enjoy complaining about this, but holiday weekends really suck when Tim has to work. That being said, I am really thankful he was off on Thanksgiving day and glad Tom and Kirsten saw fit to take me and the kids in not only Friday but Saturday afternoon as well! And tolerating this circus two days in a row is no small feat.

All told, the weekend was too bad. Would have been much better if I didn't have a cold that is seriously dragging me down! The kids and I went to the mall on Saturday, which although crowded, is not too bad if you aren't trying to buy anything. We went to Chik-fil-a for lunch (almost as good as the post workout McDonald's) and Eion amazed me by sitting at a table with his sisters while I got their food. Not once did he bolt for an exit or store. Would have thought the boy was his sisters. They the girls wanted to get a picture with Santa.
Naturally, Eion wanted no part but he again did not attempt to flee the area making me doubt that he was my son.

Today we just couldn't make it to the gym. Both Tim and myself slept terribly because of these nagging colds and just generally felt icky. The gals were happy to watch some tv. Eion, returning to his normal self, came into bed with us and practiced his wrestling moves. We eventually rallied as we had an afternoon brunch hosted by friends Jon and Ilona to attend.

There was a fun mix of people, many of whom I do not see on a regular basis. Ilona's brother is a chef and was on hand to make some awesome waffles and made to order omelets. And now I hear the little ones coming and it is bedtime for them. So I will sign off, pray for a good night's sleep, and watch the new Battlestar Galactica I Tivoed last night.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a busy week! Tim's parents arrived last Sunday to spend a few days with us including Thanksgiving. The kids were still in school on Monday so Nancy and I went to lunch with Maggie (10:45) and Morrigan (12:30.) I didn't tell either girl we were coming so they were both surprised and excited that we were there. Nancy asked if we would go to lunch with Eion too but honestly, when I am there for a party, he doesn't even acknowledge me. So we didn't bother.

I got sick with a cold - yuk! But since the kids had school I was able to lay low and drink lots of water. Doug & Tim took Morrigan golfing on Wednesday afternoon as we were having unseasonably warm weather. She had a great time and really wanted to go again every day of vacation.

The girls were very excited about Thanksgiving. They had learned about it at school and were keen on decorating the house. I LOVE their decorations. They are a bit off traditional but crack me up. Morrigan drew a turkey:

Items you must note: pink lipstick, crown and pink purse. That is one fashionable turkey! Maggie drew this:
When we asked her what it was, she said, with a high degree of authority, that it was The Purple Rectangle of Thanksgiving. [Yes, we have had several people (Tom) point out that it is a trapezoid but she is only 4.] I can't say why but that just kills me. I may hang The Purple Rectangle of Thanksgiving up every year from now until the end of time. She made us take it down today and said it could only be displayed at Thanksgiving. Love that girl.

Thanksgiving day we decided to have our big meal at lunch. It worked out so well. Tim did the turkey on the Big Green Egg which freed up the oven for me to make the sides. I got the kids dressed up in their holiday clothes.

Incidentally, Eion was wearing a suit under his Be Thomas. Tim told me I really had to come to terms with the fact that my girls were growing up and stop dressing them in the bishop style dresses. I just can't help it. Each time I buy one, I figure it is the last time they will tolerate it. We were just going to be casual and have a buffet style meal but the girls really wanted a "fancy" sit down meal. So Morrigan set the table and Maggie made a centerpiece.

When we sat down to lunch, the girls wanted to go around the table and say for what they were thankful. Answers varied from God to blankie with a Mama thrown in there too. Pretty prestigious list. Glad I could make the cut. After lunch we went outside to enjoy the (again) warm weather and the kids played in the leaf piles.

We had Tom, Kirsten & kids over in the afternoon before they went to dinner at his Dad's. The kids played and we enjoyed a few glasses of wine. Since Hans was out of town with the boys, Ann also stopped by after work to say hi. It was a great Thanksgiving. It was a day filled with all the things for which I am thankful: family, friends, great food (Tim's turkey was the best one he has made yet), and wonderful conversations. I hope yours was just as happy!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Slow Moving Morning

Moving a little slower than usual this morning. Will attribute this to large quantities of Makers Mark yesterday. Friends Elizabeth and Mike, who in a tragic loss to SoRo moved to South Carolina, called us last week and asked if we would want to go to the VA Tech/Miami game on Saturday. Would we miss a tailgate? Never! We drove out to Blacksburg with Leigh Anne and Rob and we all met up there. Mike works for Frito Lay so we went to a tailgate they were hosting. Woohoo! All the Doritos you can eat! Then truly feeling as though I was in college again (Even though I never really went to the Michigan games. Too cold.) we loaded up our pockets with mini bourbon bottle and headed into the game. The girls really did more talking than watching the game (surprise) but it was wonderful to catch up! We managed not to get any pictures of Mike, who I believe was fetching more soda for the bourbon, but we did get a shot of this guy on the right:

who had some man crush on Tim. He kept calling to me, "Katie! I love this guy!" No more bourbon for him.

After we left the game, we make the mistake of going out to eat Indian food. Seemed like a good idea at the time but sat in my stomach like a rock at 2am.

I am off to clean my house. Tim's parents arrive today for a visit. Although Tim was originally slated to work the holiday, he has Thanksgiving day off. Has to work the rest of the weekend but we will take what we can get!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Eion McKernan's Day Off

Yesterday the E didn't have school while his sisters did. So we met up with Kirsten and Connor for lunch at McDonald's and then headed over to the Transportation museum. While it has other things, it is heavy on trains. Naturally, a HUGE hit. There are train models and real trains into which you can go. Just like any other day, Eion was dressed as Thomas so he really fit the theme. [You know, I remember before I had kids seeing children dressed in ridiculous fashion, like a Thomas costume, and thought smugly, "I would never let my kids do that." Oh but the irony is killing me.] When we had to leave, I literally had to carry him out kicking, screaming, and attempting to hold onto the exit door. Success!

Today I went to the aerobic tennis clinic to find I was completely outclassed! Everyone else there was way better than me. But I was not too embarrassing and just tried to keep up. After that, off to Target to buy supplies for Christmas gifts as I realized how quickly the big day will be upon us. The kids and I started making gifts for the grandparents tonight. (We are lucky enough to have 4 grandparents and 2 great grandmothers.) Would love to share the pictures but alas, some of the grandparents frequent this blog!

Tomorrow Tim and I are off to the Virginia Tech vs. Miami game. Friends Mike and Elizabeth who moved to South Carolina invited us along and we are looking forward to a great day!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas Card Hell

I have always loved pictures; being in them, taking them, looking at them. I am the girl who always has a camera with her (even before they were in cell phones!) So I generally make the kids take a few trips to the photographer every year. And once a year I make Tim come along and do the family portrait. There is a photographer in town I have used for several years but this summer, I decided to branch out. We had a great experience with him at Easter:

and decided to give him a try. My plan was to take a family outdoor summer picture and use it for the Christmas card as the past few years, we have only put the kids in it. Commence the purchasing of coordinating outfits. The disastrous photoshoot was held in July (you may remember the blog about Eion's mulch throwing) and I was bummed that the best thing we got was this:

In the photographer's defense, there was no working with Eion. Professional cameras are like kryptonite to the little guy. We did have to photoshop him into last year's card. So the new guy offers to resit the photo indoors, sans mulch. I have to keep the whole family away from these outfits for a month and convince Tim he did indeed want to go through this again because he loves me just that much. But in late August, we go to his studio and take a new picture. Eion, miraculously, sits still and in a few even smiles. We did not have a real backdrop but he assured me he could photoshop in an appropriate one. After badgering him for 2 months, he drops the bomb that the background can't be changed and we have this:

Which although there are some smiles and no mulch, looks like we are in a freaking church social hall. But although I am not thrilled with it, may still be the winner. We went back to the photographers we normally use (sorry for straying gals!) and Eion would not participate at all. We may have gotten one picture where he was smiling but who knows. They tell me again and again that most kids are this way and I just got lucky with the girls.

But I am not ready to concede defeat just yet. The Club brought in a photographer to take pictures for the directory. I thought just maybe, we could get a decent one there and the all important Christmas card could be saved. Well you know what happened. We arrived in (new) coordinating outfits and E lost it. I had him in a little dark brown suit with a french blue shirt. He spent most of the shoot running wild in the golf shop. I had resigned myself to having only four out of five family members in the directory. When he did at long last join us, his shirt was untucked, hair disheveled, and a glazed look in his eyes. Honestly, he looked like he had been out at a bachelor party all night. Not to mention these people want $67 for an 8x10 (I am not kidding) so we can't really afford for that pic to be the Christmas card anyway.

So where does that leave us? Damned if I know. Maybe we'll just send out Valentines cards. We could all get matching pink and red gear....

Monday, November 12, 2007

What a Sweetie!

[Actually the title of the post will apply to two family members!] Saturday, I had to go back to the Stocked Market to do my spot job selling raffle tickets. Since it was during nap time, I thought I would take Morrigan with me. Now this was going to break down one of two ways: 1)Morrigan would have a great time shopping and would be a fantastic ticket seller (really, what grandmother is going to resist her?) or 2) she would be a whiny, fussy mess making my afternoon a living hell. Score one for the good guys, she was awesome! We got there a little early and did some shopping. We each got a new purse and she picked out outfits for her and Maggie's American Girl dolls. Then we went up to the press box to get set up. She insisted on wearing an apron:

which you know was so cute! And she was a master ticket seller. I told her to target the women who looked like grandmothers. She was almost never turned down! One time when she was, she told them "thank you anyway" and they said "Oh she is too polite. Maybe I can buy just one!" After a few hours she did start to get a bit tired so I set her up with a movie in the press box (DVD player was the contingency plan) and realized it was much tougher to sell without her!

The chair of the event said she could draw the winning ticket

which she found to be a great honor!

After we were done there, I took her home and went out with sweetie #2, Tim. We needed to use our Club food minimum so we were going to eat there and then he took me to see 30 Days of Night, which I have been dying to see since I heard about it months ago. At RCC, we ran into friends Greg & April so we had dinner with them.

After dinner it was off to the movies. It was a 9:30 movie which is generally too late for me but I really wanted to see this and it wasn't going to be in the theaters much longer. Not that many of you are planning to go and see it, but don't bother. It was awful. And not in a zombierific or vampritastic sort of way. There isn't really much new ground in the vampire genre: vampires go after people, people try to defeat them. But 30 Days of Night was about vampires laying siege to a town in Alaska which doesn't have sunlight for 30 days. I love the concept. They completely botched it. It had little build up, a gore fest and then turned into The Diary of Anne Nosferatu. And there were all these non sequiturs. They would be in hiding for a week and for no discernible reason, decide to relocate. Overall, a disappointment. But I did really appreciate Tim's ongoing tolerance of my love of horror/sci-fi trash!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Baby Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes

Last night, Tim and I went to the Junior League's Stocked Market Splurge. It is an annual holiday bazaar and Splurge is the preview shopping party. Now in years past, many husbands have come to this event. I daresay the male to female ratio was almost 50-50. Once you arrived, the boys ate apps and drank while the girls shopped. It was like a big cocktail party where you could get your Christmas shopping done. I generally used this event to satisfy my League financial minimum so most years, we went, last year being an exception as Tim had to work. Well while I wasn't paying attention, the female-male ratio changed to 95-5. When we got there, Tim's first comment was "Holy sh*t, I am in the zone of no fellas."

When we got inside and surveyed the scene, it wasn't much better. You would see the men in the crowd, clutching their drink tickets, eyes darting left and right in the desperate hope to see a male they knew. After realizing that may indeed be a pipe dream, they would cling to any testosterone port in the estrogen storm, offering survival tips like, "Hey man, the bar is right over there." They were all friends that night, bonded together by having been hoodwinked by their spouses into attendance.

But Tim, quickly realizing that departure meant going home and putting the kids to bed, was able to man up and stay. He swiftly identified gals not likely to use their two drink tickets and hit them up for the spares. With a great deal of success I might add!

One of the fundraisers that is a staple of the evening is the "Splurge Surprise." Basically, you fork over anywhere from $25-50 for the chance to win a prize. We have historically, had terrible luck with this gamble. [Actually, as an aside, I tend to have bad luck with any sort of games of chance or raffles. Poker doesn't count - you need some skill there.] The first two years, we won nothing at all. Even when we bought one of the last 10 boxes that were guaranteed to have a prize! Later, realizing that people with bad luck we getting disenchanted, they changed things so every box had a prize of some sort. This sparked the era of the $50 lemon pound cake, the picture in the broken frame, well, you get the idea.

Tim had issued a ban on buying the Surprise boxes. But good friend Jennifer chaired Splurge this year and laid a guilt trip. She promised there were very good prizes this year. So we purchased one bottle (they are now bottles of wine with cards naming the prize attached) and won a $50 gift certificate to Metro, a favorite restaurant in town, $50 gift certificate to a swanky shoe store and a free pedicure. Downright giddy having won something we actually wanted, we soon purchased another and won a $500 gift certificate to a local jewelers! Now Tim was feeling very positive about the whole experience, especially since I said he could use the $500 to buy a watch, and we rolled the dice one more time and got a free sitting with a photographer who took amazing pics of Jennifer's kids! Ah but this wasn't as exciting to Tim and he made me stop. But never the less, victory in our time!

After it was all said and done, Tim said he may even come next year. If the alternative is babysitting, he is hanging with the ladies!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Morrigan the Patriot

Last night we went to the 1st grade Patriotic Choral Performance. We really didn't know what they would be doing but Morrigan had been singing Yankee Doodle Dandy a fair bit at home. I asked her if she had a solo part. In spite of her answer of no, when we arrived, we found out she did indeed have a solo speaking part. Glad we didn't decide to blow it off. Naturally, Eion wouldn't sit still and Tim got to wander the halls with him the whole time. Luckily, I taped the show so he did get to enjoy it later. Here is a little sample - complete with Morrigan's solo!

For those of you interested (Mom and Dad), I do have the full length feature available as well. But I figured for those of you not related to the subject, this was all the off key singing one could handle. She stood next to her future husband, Aiden the whole time:

Would have liked a better pic but after the performance Tim, fed up with Eion, went to take some photos and forgot the flash giving us a great many portraits similar to this:

Good stuff! Morrigan, remembering that last year she received flowers after the Kindergarten play, was a bit put out that I hadn't brought any this time. Say it together now: DIVA!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Parent Teacher Conferences

After a rocky start to the day, we headed out to the gym. After that, we went to Eion's friend Will's birthday party. His parents are always nice enough to include siblings so the whole clan went. It was a post Halloween costume party (it was originally planned for a week ago but the birthday boy (Spiderman) got sick) and the kids were happy to get in their gear again. Eion, naturally, was in his costume at dawn! Be Thomas!

It's a bit hard to see in the picture but Morrigan lost another tooth last night. As they grow back in, the reality of Orthodontist bills hits us. Seriously, one of the bottom ones in growing in at a 45 degree angle.

After hopping the kids up on cake and juice, I left them with Tim and went to the girls' parent teacher conferences. One day it may change, but I love these things. Maybe it is just because I go in there and hear how sweet and bright my gals are. Morrigan is ranked 5th out of 19 kids and is reading above her grade level. I asked Maggie's teacher to let me know later in the year if she thought Maggie should go on to Kindergarten next year since she is so young for the grade. She looked at me like I was crazy and said that Maggie had made all but one of the end of the year academic goals already so she didn't think it would be a problem!

Morrigan had her first piano lesson today. It went well but I really hope the teacher doesn't want me to stay every time. She was burning one of those gingerbread candles and the sweet smell was not for me.

On My List

So my darling husband, who I love very much and find to be a really good guy in general, is trying his damnedest to get on my list today. Around our house, we have the Team McKernan rule which is to say that all else being equal, we both get up with the kids at the same time in the morning. [Naturally, he is exempt from this often due to night shifts etc.] I know other couples who, especially after going out, will take turns getting up with the kids but that is not our style. So back to today, we both went to bed at the same time last night, he made it hard for me to fall asleep because he was reading and then when he decided to finally get up for a while, he woke me up. But this morning he is still in bed a full hour after the kids got up. Now you might say it sounds like he had trouble sleeping last night but SO DID I. I was up no fewer than 4 times and I must say, each time I woke up, at 2am, 3am, 4am, and 5am, the last of which was my final waking time and I never got anymore sleep, he seemed to be sleeping like a baby. And not a colicky, fussy baby either. A sound asleep, snoring baby.

And then, when I took the kids downstairs to feed them breakfast, I was all set to surprise then with Lucky Charms, a rare treat. But before I could spring my good news, they asked for them. How did you know we had these I asked. "Daddy gave us some last night!" (I was at a Junior League meeting.) So still in the bed AND stealing my day of no school trump card.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's So Good

Tim was working 3-11 yesterday so I thought to myself, I really need to round up some entertainment for this afternoon! So a few phone calls later, I had Ann, Hans, Kirsten, Tom and Jennifer coming over complete with a gaggle of kids. The kids immediately set to destroying the basement and, as we later discovered, flooding the sandbox. [Thanks again Mom & Dad - sandbox: no mess at all.] Eion, distraught over his wet, sandy clothes, insisted we removed them. But naturally, he was still Thomas.

Personally, I was distraught about the crunching sound when I walked due to the massive influx of sand. Solution: wine. Ann & Hans were off to see the Blue Man Group. Tom then came to the conclusion, "I am sitting around with women drinking wine. I'm out!" Leaving the remaining girls to supervise the "highly spirited" play.

They were pretty good though we did resort to Halloween candy and tv later in the evening to keep the peace. At one point, Aiden came in the kitchen and asked, "Are Morrigan and I cousins or friends?" Confused, I told him they were friends. He rushed back to the other room shouting, "Morrigan! We can get married! We're friends, not cousins." Much hugging ensued.
Not to be outdone, Sam moved in to stake his claim:

What a set of pictures. Boy are we in trouble!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Wednesday was the big day my house has been waiting for forever - Halloween! I spent they day going from one kids party to another. Eion's school had "trunk or treating" where the parents handed out treats from the backs of cars in the parking lot. Eion was ready to go as he had been in his Thomas costume for days. I was really glad when the trunk or treating was over that Eion didn't freak out because I was leaving. Many other kids completely broke down. E just said "Bye bye Mama!"
Next was Maggie's class.

There weren't many Moms there and she was super excited I came. I brought a craft (remember the Styrofoam black balls?) and we made spiders. Maggie loved handing out the treat bags we made.

Last was Morrigan's class.

We made the same craft as Maggie's class which the older kids mastered in seconds leaving me to wonder how on earth we would fill the time. One girl promptly told me she had made this craft last year. Rising above the 1st grade level, I resisted the urge to tell her that was what happened when you were in 1st grade a second time. I had made up a Spooky Bingo and had enough cards for three games. Midway through game two, a few kids informed me it was boring. Hmmm, on to snack. Morrigan too loved being special and handing out treat bags. When she gave one to her teacher, she also gave her a big hug!

That night we set out to trick or treat but had a few special stops to make first. We went to our neighbors Tyler and Jen's house. She told me Saturday at Supper Club how she wanted the kids to come by so at least they would get a couple of trick or treaters. (The street we live on is not great for Halloween. In 4 years we have never even had one trick or treater come by.)

As we drove up I told Tim, "I hope she remembers we are stopping by." She naturally did. We left to stop at Connie the stand in Grandparent's house. Tim wondered if I had confirmed with her. No, I told him but it will be ok. We made these arrangements completely sober! Connie also had a little goody bag for them at which point I did worry. Would they be happy with just pieces of candy later?

Then we went over to Jennifer & Mark's house where we had pizza and drinks before going out to trick or treat. We got to catch up with some friends we hadn't seen in a while (and some we had too!)

The kids all played well together - and there were lots of them I was afraid Eion wouldn't leave since there were so many trains with which to play but he had gleaned what Halloween was all about and was anxious to hit the road. We went with several other families and visited White Oak and Allendale streets where we have been going the past few years.

Morrigan was out front the entire time, trying to maximize her haul. Maggie went to quite a few houses but was happy to ride in the stroller after a while. Eion certainly got in the spirit of things but after a few stops was content in the stroller stuffing himself with candy. Though he would willingly get out to let us parade him around at our friends' houses. So with large bags of candy stowed away to be doled out over the next few months (and occasionally snuck by Mom & Dad - it's for their own good really), it is back to business as usual. Well almost. Eion cried all the way to school the next morning wanting to go trick or treating again!

Supper Club and Beyond

When we got home on Saturday afternoon, I devoted the balance of my afternoon to getting ready for Supper Club that evening. Several of our friends are married to guys who grew up in Roanoke. They found that many of their husbands' friends were very busy with established supper and cocktail club so they formed their own. [They let us in even without the Roanoke pedigree!] Anyhoo, we co-hosted the kick off dinner with Ann & Hans on Saturday night. We planned a multi course menu including apple pumpkin soup, crab cakes, cosmopolitan sorbet (I love sorbet courses! Might be my love of demitasse spoons.), beef tenderloin and mini pumpkin cheesecakes. Each course was paired with wine. The mix of people was awesome, if a bit loud! We have just a few extroverts in this group. Had a great time with more than one person feeling a bit sluggish the next morning. Certainly, Tim and I were both glad we didn’t join the group that headed out to a Halloween party afterwards until 3am.

Sunday we laid low. Allot. Morrigan asked us, "Do you remember that day we watched tv all day? [post August party] Can we do that again?" Ah but to her delight, the answer was yes! We had to interrupt the tv watching and laying around to go to Luke's birthday party at My Gym, a new gymnastics place for kids. Allot of the games they played reminded me of the show American Gladiators. The kids loved standing on this big balance beam type thing and trying to knock each other off.

Monday the girls didn't have school but Eion did so we spent the morning with them and went out to Mexican for lunch. My plans to blog were thwarted by Junior League nominating meetings both Monday and Tuesday nights. They were very long but I did get out of bedtime duty for two days! Halloween details next....


Ok, the last week has been crazy busy. I will try to recap as best I can. Last Friday the torrential rains continued, spawning arc jokes abound. The rain also meant that golf was cancelled so I was able to go with Tim to Maggie's Grandparents' Day. She didn't seem to mind at all that we weren't her grandparents and was thrilled to see us. They put on a little presentation that was cute. After that, I went to the tennis aerobics clinic that I have missed the last two months due to golf. I love that clinic because I am generally able to run down any ball. Now the shot I make once I get there is a crap shoot. Here's Maggie at Grandparents' Day. She really was happy!

That night the kids and I went to a Halloween party at Kirsten's. Eion, who refused to wear a costume, was thrilled to go to Connor's house and played with trains the whole time. The other kids played Star Wars in the basement - Maggie was happy as her costume meant she was the natural choice for Princess Leia!

Morrigan said she didn't mind when Robert dragged her around on the ground. I am not sure I want to know what that was all about. When the light saber fights got out of control, Kirsten had tons of crafts and activities to "redirect" them. The parents we able to get quite a bit of socializing in too!

Tim was working that night but I went to our cocktail club that friends Sharon & Ben were hosting. Fun in spite of the fact that they refuse to to live in the neighborhood and I had to travel all the way to county! For goodness sakes, it was 20 minutes away. Luckily, Adam & Olivia drove me so I didn't have to make the trek alone.

Saturday, the kids and I were off to Grace's birthday party at the Club. Eion had refused to dress in either of his costumes (Thomas the Train - hand me down and Pirate - from last year) on Friday. But Saturday he found the Thomas costume and brought it to me demanding "Be Thomas!" This led to the boy "being Thomas" for the next week. Pretty much day and night. [In fact still wearing it the day after Halloween, to Target. I am so proud.]

The party was delightful chaos with children running laps around the dining room and eating pizza and cake.
Details of Supper Club to follow....