Monday, July 30, 2007

Crafty Afternoon

So I am very pleased with myself for this little project this afternoon. I made place card holders out of wine corks. I saw the idea in some magazine & have been saving up corks for months. I thought they turned out cute even if some are a bit glue-y - I did have helpers who were a bit overzealous with the glue gun.

We spent a nice, relaxing weekend as Tim had Friday through Sunday off. We cleaned out the garage, which, surprisingly, was my idea, and made room for the Barbie Jeep. I am still a bit unnerved by how much joy I am deriving from the tidy garage. Tim swears I am nesting but I am not pregnant! Well and thank god we made room for the Barbie Jeep, which after a flurry of early activity, sits completely unused! I took it out into the street today for them and after a few laps, they said they were done. At least the darn thing was free. Had I paid hundreds of dollars, I would be ticked.

Maggie cut her hair today which is excellent since her 4 year picture is a week away. I mean the kid really didn't have any to spare. Eion is shoving kids in the gym nursery. They said if he didn't stop, they would have to call me to get him. Clearly unacceptable and upsetting. Morrigan helped me prune dahlias today. So we have a 33% good behavior rate to start out the week. At least there is (almost) no where to go but up.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Imperial March

Eion has taken to walking around the house humming the Imperial March from Star Wars (you know, the one that plays whenever Darth Vader comes in.) I find it unsettling.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Inspirational Story for Today

So I have to share with you the story of our lawn guy. Now this is a tale I really find inspirational in an "I witnessed this firsthand kind of way" rather than a "pass this email on because if I had read it I could have saved my poodle from hangnails" or the "my child said the most insightful thing that made me understand god" sort of way.

The guy fell onto the muffler of the stand behind mower he was using (fortunately not at our house or I would be plagued with guilt forever) and had what the docs in the ER said were the worst burns they had ever seen on a living human being. He ended up at Duke and lost three fingers on each hand, leaving him with only a forefinger and thumb each hand. Also he has a burn scar a foot across on his belly and a huge scar on his calf.

We were completely shocked when he came to our house the other day looking to get back to work. Honestly, I assumed he would be on disability. The man lost six digits! He was cheerful and upbeat. Never mentioned a lawsuit and has been spending his time inventing aids for himself so he can continue mowing & landscaping. I really admire his positive attitude. Wish I were so resilient. They changed the aerobics instructor for a class I like on Monday & I was put out half the day. Anyhoo, for my in town readers, his name is Dave Clatterbuck. He has lost a fair bit of business since he was out of commission for a few months and I would love to see him succeed. That kind of spirit should be rewarded!


Ah naptime. Is there anything sweeter? Maggie & Eion are out while Morrigan is trying to read 8 books. Barnes & Noble has this promotion where if they read eight books, they get a free one. We took in the first completed form yesterday and although I think she was underwhelmed with the book options, Morrigan certainly wasn't going to miss out on a free book. That is my little bargain shopper!

Eion has been surprisingly well behaved for a few days. At home at least. Apparently while they were at the gym this morning, E had four visits to time out and as Tim was picking them up, he bit another kid in the head. Did I say well behaved?

I am happy to report the deer seem to have temporarily tired of our black eyed susans. Which is good for them. A few weeks ago we saw one in the neighbor's yard. Morrigan told me, "Look! It's the deer that ate all our flowers. Quick, shoot it!" When informed we don't have a gun, she said, "We really should get one."

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Barbie Jeep

Tim's parents came to visit this past weekend. They were coming from Tim's brother's house and came bearing a full car load of hand-me-down toys for the kids. The girls were happy with the many Polly Pockets and Littlest Pet Shop toys. It truly was Christmas in July. But then they went outside & saw the pièce de résistance, a Barbie Jeep! They spent as much time as they could for the remainder of the weekend driving it around our driveway. Over all, they were pretty good drivers (Eion doesn't have a license yet) but do need to learn to watch for the little things, like someone exiting the car before taking off! Morrigan told Nancy (my mother in law), "I wished on a star for this. And it came true!" Doesn't get much better than that.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

High School Musical

The girls' latest obsession is High School Musical (for those without little girls and therefore no need to watch such a thing, is a made for tv Disney movie.) It is, after all, about teenagers! The other day I took the troops to Wal-Mart to get a new DVD player as sadly, the Trutech bit bit the dust. Speaking of which, dust is not the only thing it bit but I digress. While there, the girls saw the High School Musical DVD on display. I tried to say I didn't think it was out yet but Morrigan told me, "It is right there. [Then reading as though talking to someone a bit slow:] High. School. Musical." Her reading is improving at an alarming rate, making any sort of deception obsolete. I can't even spell in front of her anymore. I chose to spell out a "bad" word when on the phone the other day and she said gravely, "You know that is a bad word Mommy." Jeepers.

But back to Wal-Mart, I looked at the package & it was rated G and I had heard it was harmless so we bought it along with the new $30 DVD player - Magnavox this time. We will see what its lifespan is. After watching it with the girls, while re-reading some of the last few Harry Potter books - need to be ready for the new one, I agreed with the G rating. I told Tim about the plot: a sports-oriented boy tries out for the school musical to get the girl but wants to keep it a secret from his jock friends. He said "Isn't that the plot of American Pie?" Similar I guess, but without the pie fu....., I mean loving and the loss of virginity sub-plot.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank You Mom

Now all you faithful readers know what a s**t, I mean challenge, Eion is. I do believe the boy was placed on this earth to make me insane. We went to the pool yesterday after Tim got home from work. E refused to get out of the car because he wanted to eat cheerios off the car floor (which I am ashamed to admit, are quite plentiful. We would have been there all night.) So after we forcibly removed him, he commenced to screaming. A frantic Mom came over to where we were at, concerned he would wake her newborn who had finally gone to sleep. Having discovered that he was not to go near the baby, that was ALL he wanted to do. When he finally tired of baby-waking, all he wanted to do was hang out in the stifling hot women's locker room. This was pretty much his MO for the next hour.

But eventually, the little guy rallied and we stayed at the pool til almost 7:30. My new plan of attack is top stay at the pool until someone starts to break down. I can't remember who was the first to go but it was time.

I have to put in an aside here. I was reading my friend Sara's blog and she was writing about being at a hotel pool where her time was marred by screaming bratty kids. I thought to myself, that is so something my family would do. Here at LUTBT, we are honest. Not proud, but honest.

Anyway, Eion has redeemed himself from sale to the gypsies for another day. When I was going to bed, I could smell he was poopy. He was asleep but I went and changed him. He woke up briefly and said, "Thanks Mom. Love you."
[BTW - he put himself in the dog crate.]

Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Pictures and Sleepovers

Well today we tried to take a family picture. I generally force Tim to do this about once a year. Now knowing my penchant for matching, you can only guess the planning that goes into the coordinated-matching outfits. Tim & E have matching polos, Maggie & Morrigan match & I have to find something that goes with everyone. So off we went to the VA Western Arboretum, attempting to get an outdoor shot. I will have to file this under complete & utter failure. Eion spent the entire time playing in the mulch and throwing it at my white dress. From what I can see of the proofs, we have zero decent images. But this guy is great with Photoshop. Maybe he will cobble together a winner!

We have a friend of Morrigan & Maggie sleeping over tonight. Mary Fowler is our first ever sleepover guest. Thus far they seem happy but with very little sleeping going on. I went to check on them & said they should go to sleep. Mary said "I keep telling them that but they won't listen."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back in Roanoke

After a great trip to Detroit, we are back to Roanoke! Actually, we've been back since Sunday night but getting back on schedule has been a bit rough. We spent the first half of the week at Tim's brother's house where the girls had fun visiting with their cousins. While there, we discovered that Eion is now able to escape from his portable crib. This was bad news for everyone. He was in and out of bed like a jack in the box. We ended up having to turn the crib over and use it as a makeshift cage. When we got to my parents, I bought a doorknob cover so he could get out of bed but not the room. All I can see is disaster in the future.

For the 4th of July, we went to a parade in downtown Northville with Amy, Darren, Olivia and their kids. Since I was a child, these parades have turned into candy laden events where just about every group hands out treats. The kids were naturally all over this. Eion got to the point he wouldn't even ask to have them unwrapped and ate the tootsie rolls wrapper and all. (This was something I got to enjoy for days.) Big fun and an even bigger sugar crash!

While we were in town, a friend from our days in Detroit, Bob, passed away. It was a surprise and shock as he was only 50. Sara flew into town for the funeral. Though I would have preferred happier circumstances, it was great to see her since the last time we were together was about 5 million years ago.

Then it was on to my parents' house where Eion commenced to shoveling all the dirt out of their planters and the girls attempted to pick all their flowers (which would be quite a feat - Dad has done allot of planting.) But they were able to laugh at this as only grandparents can, adopting a laissez-faire attitude towards the destruction. While I thought that I might learn from this and be a little more laid back, the same live and let live attitude was applied when the kids were in possession of the many paints and permanent markers that seemed to darken every table top. Hmmm, it is back to uptight.

At my parents' house I was able to visit with my Aunt Fran, who had driven up from South Bend. Over the next few days we also visited Steve & Michele and Alan & Barb. The kids loved making new friends where ever we went and tolerated the busy and unpredictable schedule pretty well. Morrigan & Maggie loved the fact that Opa had bought a tent and was willing to camp out with them not one but two nights! And Opa got to learn what smores, an essential part of little girl camping, were.

By Sunday when we drove home, we were all exhausted! But in a good way. It was a wonderful visit full of friends and family. Now I just have to convince the kids that they don't need ice cream every day at home.
[New pictures in the upper right hand box.]