Thursday, March 22, 2007

God Bless the TV

Yes, I have parked the kids in front of the tv for an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I have played all the Candyland & Pop Up Pirate I can for one day. I am done reading as well. If I have to read Anakin Saves the Day one more time, I might be reduced to tears. The book is completely inane and has Jar Jar Binks aka the most annoying Star Wars character of all time in it. And Morrigan insists that I read his parts using his ridiculous voice. Meesa sick of dat!

Work continues on the bathroom. The tile is going in the shower & I am very happy with how it looks. Our tile guy is nice and we have been able to enjoy the death metal he listens to on his XM radio. Which, in reality, is not much worse than the radio here. You would think that ZZ Top would not be on heavy rotation anywhere but it is here.

While we are on the topic of music, we saw this show the other day on VH1 called Classic Albums. They were talking about the making of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. If you get a chance, I highly recommend the show. It was filled with fun facts and featured David Gilmore in a cardigan sweater. It cracked me up. I can just see him at home thinking "I am a rock icon about to be interviewed about an album that was on the charts for 14 years. What to wear...Ah yes, the navy pullover." It made me want to turn off Roanoke radio (sorry ZZ Top) and listen to Pink Floyd again which I hadn't really done in a few years. The kids seem to like it too. Morrigan's version of The Great Gig in the Sky was a riot. I can't say if the rest of the series is any good as one of the upcoming episodes is Def Leppard's Hysteria. Classic albums indeed!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Crazy Hair Day

Eion's teachers sent home a note that Friday is crazy hair day. They clearly don't realize it is everyday at our house.

Countdown to Disney

The girls are getting very excited about our trip to Florida. Every morning they ask how many days are left & then we all count them together. Only two to go gals!

Maggie had her interview yesterday for the pre-K class Morrigan was in last year. The teacher seemed happy to see us so hopefully all my sucking up wasn't for naught. Maggie was at least in a good mood and was very polite & cheerful. Now we just have to wait until the end of May when we hear if she got a spot. It seems like every kid I know is applying and they only take 18 kids but we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Morrigan went to see the Ophthalmologist for a follow up visit the other day. He changed her prescription and wants her to wear a patch on one eye. At first I was very concerned, thinking she would be known as the Jolly Roger at school. But it is just for a few hours a day at home. The doctor has a bin of little toys that they get to choose from after their appointments. He told her if she was good & wore her patch, she would get three toys on the next visit. You wouldn't believe what an incentive that has been!

Construction continues on the bathroom. The tile guy comes today so we are moving right along. When the whole thing is done, I'll post some before & after. But so far, I think it is going to be great!

School Pictures

What is up with school photographers? How do they take my generally photogenic daughter and come up with this?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Someone please tell me when St. Patrick's Day became a gift giving holiday. I knew things had ramped up a bit from the old days when all that really happened was you got pinched if you forgot to wear green. Both the girls came home from school with tales of green "leprechaun pee" in the toilets and messy classrooms attributed to the violator of toilets. But I was completely taken by surprise when the girls leaped out of bed this morning & squealed "I wonder what the leprechaun left us!" When I pressed for details, I found they were expecting presents and gold. I told them I was pretty sure the gift-bearing little men had passed us by. They gave me a look of pity, as if to say, "clearly this poor woman doesn't know what she is talking about" and rushed off to find that indeed, this woman was right.

We went to a princess birthday party today complete with Cinderella. The girls were very happy to see her again and had a great time. Morrigan investigated all the gifts and found several she thought would make good additions to our stash of toys. In the post party sugar crash, all the kids needed a nap. Which was fine with me!

Friday, March 16, 2007


Sadly, I have no pictures from this week. So I offer you one from the archives. Tim & Morrigan on our 2003 trip to Disney in honor of our trip to Florida next week! Why no pictures? What has contained the shutterbug? We are remodeling our 1st floor bathroom & the tear down was this week. A friend who is a veteran of a home improvement project told me that we should expect to have it take twice as long and cost three times as much as was budgeted. We are right on target! Eion loves it. We came in the house when they were ripping out the tile (quite noisy) and he ran for the bathroom door wanting to get in the mix.

That child is all boy, not to mention a handful. He continues to love the stickers off fruit. He will climb up to the banana or apple bowl & peel them off. Then he carries the darn things around all day. Loves to roughhouse too, mostly with me. He will sit quietly with Tim & watch auto racing but if I come in it is rock'em sock'em robot time.

Tuesday, Morrigan was crying when she went to the bathroom & couldn't sleep complaining of pain. So we did a home diagnosis & gave her some antibiotics we had at home. (Well actually expired ones from a friend. I know, bad, bad parents) She still was complaining a few days later so we had to take her to the Pediatrician & fess up to what we had done. He told us, "I'm not going to yell at you because I think you feel enough shame." So true.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Three Amigos

Eion has taken to eating markers. If the girls leave them out, he chews off the tip and swallows it which makes for some interesting, rainbow colored diapers. I assumed after one he would stop because of the taste, which I assume is bad. But no, he eats at least one a day. The box says non toxic but Tim had the very good point that they were probably talking about the ink, not the actual tip.

Morrigan has entered a surly phase. She tells me she hates her clothes because they aren't cool, no one likes her, no one plays with her, everyone else gets to stay up later than her etc. I'm not sure what is considered cool in the Kindergarten fashion world, but I have seen her enough times at the park to know she has plenty of playmates. I try to be supportive but I'm not quite sure what to do with her. I can only assume this is just the beginning.

Maggie continues to be a sweet little thing. She told me just today, "I'm not eating markers or crying about my clothes. And I love bedtime!"

What a Great Weekend!

As previously stated, Tim was off all weekend. That combined with fantastic 60 degree plus sunny days and a full compliment of fun plans has me in a sunshine-y mood! Friday we tried out a new restaurant here, Tony Popes, with some couples who were some of the first friends we made here 8 years ago. We had a blast! When I told Tim the next morning that I thought it was a bit pricey, he reminded me that the total did include margaritas and 5 bottles of wine. Like I said, we had lots of fun.

Saturday was a beautiful day so we skipped the gym and took the kids on a walk. Maggie & Morrigan don't want to ride in the stroller anymore so we don't get much exercise but I was happy to be outside. Also got the kids Easter pictures done. They all cooperated so we shouldn't even have to Photoshop Eion's head from another picture. That night we played poker and had a birthday dinner for Tim & Lee. We both lost but it was great conversation and merriment anyway.

Sunday was gorgeous too so we went on a walk by the river and to the park. I had a baby shower to go to so I left Tim with the little ones that afternoon. And to top off the weekend, steak was on sale. Which is good news when your kids put it away like mine.

The pictures are of them playing "bus." Morrigan is the driver & Maggie & Eion are the passengers. They started there and kept having "stops" during which they moved the whole set up. By the time they were done, they made it to the front door.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Super E

Name: Super E

Mission: To increase McKernan family visits to the ER.

Plan of Attack: I will employ a multi pronged approach which will result in more ER visits for me and hopefully, my family. Best case scenario would be a report to Social Services. Current strategies include but are not limited to: climbing on the counter to turn on stove, opening hot oven for investigation, sneaking up behind sisters and pushing them down (preferably near sharp corners), climbing in and out of cabinets and slamming the doors behind me, acquiring knives from the counter, and eating crayons and markers.

Costume: Although I shun traditional super hero attire, I will have my signature pink butterfly glasses which will serve both to channel Elton John and disarm my victims by sending them into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Weaknesses: A deep love of my stuffed puppy and dislike of the pen Mommy uses to trap me.

Monday, March 05, 2007

But I Believe I Left Out:

As the sweet sunrise of Monday morning hit my face, I realized that in the last dark hours of Sunday I may have been a little overly harsh about my weekend. It was not without bright points, like dinner on Saturday. I made the kids steak and green beans, about a pound of each. This should be enough for them and me to eat (Tim was at work.) I didn't need much dinner as I knew who was catering the party I was going to and her food is great! Well I didn't get any dinner. They polished off the meat and beans and then each ate a banana & a piece of cheese. I have never been so proud of my little carnivores.

And the fundraiser I am working on, Book & Author Dinner, received a beautiful front page write up by the neighborhood newspaper. So I'll start off my week full of smiles and sunshine. And the knowledge that Tim is off next weekend!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ah yes, it is all clear to me now

But I do know why I look forward to Monday the way children look forward to Christmas....

Saturday I went to a fun cocktail party and like a very good girl, came home at a reasonable hour knowing Tim could be of no practical assistance today. (He worked 7pm - 3am Saturday and had to work 3pm -11pm today.) I took my responsible and forward thinking self to bed where I laid awake until 1am. Arrrgh!

I have found I can describe my day in terms of meltdowns, both the children's and my own.

Meltdown 1: Getting dressed. The girls had a birthday party today so this should be easy - the birthday dresses (see above.) But no, Morrigan wants to wear the bow dress which is in the wash as she wore it the day before. She completely looses it and cries and screams about how she hates all her clothes except the bow dress and how she unwilling to wear any of them again. Let us just say the girl is a bit dramatic.

Meltdown 2: We are leaving the gym (you know I was going to get in my full 2 hours today) and Maggie asks where we are going. Home, I reply. Guess what happened next. And while she was causing a huge scene, Eion decides he should walk, but not to the car. He is decidedly unhappy about being carried. We'll call that meltdown 2 1/2.

You know, I can't really detail all the rest. I will be here all night. Let's just say that the balance of the day included tears over: loosing a drawing, not wanting juice, cheeto dust on dresses, seating arrangements in the car, being denied sleepovers on a Sunday night, having to clean up toys, Eion eating an orange crayon (not just chewing but ingesting the whole damn thing,) and the desire to strip off the cheeto smeared dress and wear only a shirt and underwear leading us to

Meltdown 549: The girls wanted to play Candyland. So we set up the game. I spend the entire time running interference to keep E from destroying the board. Maggie is put out that Morrigan keeps moving her piece for her and Morrigan shows signs of going nuclear since she seems to be perpetually behind. After two tortuous games, during which I must add, I was as calm as a Hindu cow, I said it was time for bed. Morrigan, who had not won a game, totally freaks out and sobs about how she is not lucky, never wins etc. Tried to calm her down, explain about being a good sport but in the end, had to put her to bed in tears.

I do love Mondays. And fortunately for Morrigan, I washed the bow dress today.

Friday, March 02, 2007


I really want to know when Monday replaced Friday as my favorite day of the week.....

My eyes are doing well. I am at 20/25 which is quite good considering where I started. The doctor said I may continue to improve over the next month but even if this is as good as it gets, I am happy. I did have a minor complication - some inflammation and buildup of white blood cells in one eye but it is fine now. As a result, I got to visit the Ophthalmologist every day for the last week, in Salem no less which is 5 miles away! This may be the most I have travelled in a week since we moved here.

Maggie is, sadly, dropping her nap and I am losing my afternoon downtime. But on the upside, she is so happy to be free of her nap that she is very good. And she really likes that she has us all to herself since Eion is napping and Morrigan is at school.

Tim is working nights this weekend. The girls have, naturally, birthday parties to attend and I have a cocktail party on Saturday. Morrigan went to a party this afternoon and Maggie had her friend Will over (see above picture.) He was a great help at the witching hour and convinced Eion to eat. E was ignoring his dinner as he often does when Will started to eat his in a fashion similar to Randy in A Christmas Story (you remember: "Show Mommy how the little piggies eat.") E thought this was hysterical & joined in, eventually eating his entire supper. I thought to myself, I can't believe that worked.