Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What a Week

Whew! What a week. None of the kids had school Monday and I was still feeling pretty sick. My cold had become a sinus infection & I felt miserable! Tuesday was the first day in a week that I felt better rather than worse. Morrigan had school but Maggie did not (parent teacher conferences.) But that was alright because she got to come to the doctor for Eion's 2 year check up. She was very excited to get to see Dr. Eskenazi! Eion is in good health. But the little guy is, well, a little guy. He is in the 10th percentile for weight & 25th for height. Sorry E, Maggie used up all the tall genes.

After we finished at the doctor, we went to the parent teacher conferences for Maggie & Eion. His was a waste of time. I found out earth shattering tidbits like: he scribbles as well as the other 2 year olds and he has a temper. No! Really? Maggie's had a bit more substance. Her teacher said she was the smartest kid in the class and recommended she move up with the older class next year (not skipping a grade, these are kids 6 months older.) That was naturally nice to hear. But the most interesting thing she told me was that Maggie was the only one in the class who could put on and zip her coat herself. This was news to me as she can't do it at home!

Wednesday everyone was back at school & I felt well enough to play tennis. Thursday we had a snow day. The kicker is that there was no snow. God love Virginia, they cancel school on the threat of snow. They had presumptively salted the streets as well. My tennis clinic that night was cancelled due to possible snow as well. There was a big storm headed our way Thursday night. It ended up missing us and we never got any snow. Much to my surprise, there was school today. That lack of snow should have meant a day off.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Eion!

Yesterday was Eion's second birthday. In the perpetual battle to minimize the number of things he has to tell his therapist later in life, I decided that he should have a party since both his sisters had 2nd birthday parties. Nothing too big mind you, just a few kids and some cake. The girls were very excited. They spent days making decorations for the house. Morrigan drew a series of party hats while Maggie made family pictures. We do all look the same in her pictures: a big head, smile, two or more eyes, and arms and legs sticking directly out of the head. Morrigan also made a "pin the tail on the unicorn" game. (Why is it all little girls love unicorns?) They were also thrilled that they could wear their birthday dresses. They want to wear them everyday but they are a bit much so I tell them they are for birthdays only. They woke up yesterday and the first thing they said was, "It's Eion's birthday so we can wear our dresses!"

Rather than get a cake from Kroger, I decided that I would make a train cake from scratch. This really seemed like a reasonable idea a month ago. I was not counting on an incredibly busy week - we had plans Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. [When it rains, it pours - we had nothing going on for weeks!] And Tim had his lasik surgery. And I have a sinus infection. So I was really cursing myself as I assembled this cake, with Morrigan's help of course. Tim came home and said, "That's really an unusual cake." I informed him that it took over an hour to decorate and he had better rethink his description. So he countered with "Intriguing?"

In the end, Eion had a great time at his party. He received several noisy toys, his favorite! And the train cake was a big hit. The only slight problem was we brought the whole thing out for Eion to blow out the candles. Then we had to take it away to dish out. Eion was not happy we took it away and was also not happy that only one train car came back to him rather than the whole cake! But he recovered quickly and ate his car. When he was done with that, he proceeded to work on any leftover cake at the table.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bauer is Back

Well just as I was congratulating myself on not getting sick yet this season, I am struck down by a head cold. Of course, this comes at a very inopportune time. I was hosting a poker game last night, and losing I might add, when I could hear Eion intermittently fussing. I knew then what I was in for. He was up all night again. Why can't this child sleep when he is sick? So after getting trounced at poker and having a few glasses of wine, I got to stay up all night with E. As the night wore on, my throat started to hurt & my nose got stuffy. So Eion & I spent our day on the sofa catching up on Star Trek Voyager. Actually, I think Eion really liked all the attention. It's not very often that we just hug all day!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Well not so much a wonderland as a quarter inch of wintry mix. But that was enough for my crew! The girls have been dying for it to snow so they loved the day off Monday & thoroughly enjoyed the tiny bit that stuck for a few hours.

Tim is only two days away from his lasik operation. Apparently, I can watch it on some tv monitor. No thanks! I am only a month away from my own operation. It will be great to see after all these years in glasses.

I'd better get things picked up around here as I'm hosting girls' poker night. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Maggie Goes to a Birthday Party

Saturday I took Maggie and her friends Will and Parker to a birthday party at McDonalds. It was interesting to say the least. Now don't get me wrong. I am not above the golden arches. Weekend visits to get a happy meal when Dad is working are standard around here. But this was a McDs outside our normal stomping grounds. The dads there could basically be divided into two categories. There were those sporting mullets, a style left in the 80s by the rest of America but alive & well in Roanoke. The rest, while lacking exotic plumage, seemed to be competing in a Kevin Federline look alike contest. The moms and dads had a tag team synchronization down: tag - you watch the kids while I go outside to burn a heater!

But Maggie & her friends had a great time. As we said goodbye & thank you, she told the birthday boy's mother what fun she had. The Mom (incidentally, sporting some serious ink I had not noticed previously on her inner forearm) said to Maggie, "Maybe you can have your next birthday here." To which Maggie said, in a sweet, innocent and oh so sheltered way, "I have all my birthdays at the country club." Alrighty then, we'll catch you at school on Monday.

I do have to add for the record, she has only had one birthday at the club and in spite of the connotation a country club might give, it was really economical.


So we finally get Tim's schedule for the next 10 week block and find a nice stretch of days off in March that are perfect for visiting Tim's parents in Florida. As they are only an hour from Disney, we figure we can take the girls there for a day or two (sorry E, you're just not ready.) I confirm that it is ok with Doug & Nancy and then book the plane tickets. Now for kids Disney is right up there with Santa, Christmas, and your birthday. Morrigan has been pestering us to go there for over a year. This is the place the princesses live. You can meet them! I figure they will be thrilled when I tell them about the trip. I will be a hero! I share the good news only to be greeted with tears! They want to go now, not in two months. How is that for gratitude?

FYI - The picture above is from our trip to Disney in Feb. 2003 when Morrigan was 18 months old. She spent most of her time seeking out & hugging any creature on which she could get her hands.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Clothing Battles

I really shouldn't say battles. For the most part, I save my energy for more worth while stances. But I am eternally baffled by the fights my kids choose over clothes. In spite of their overflowing pj drawers (thank you hand me downs and great grandmothers) the girls will only wear a few pairs without a fight. Morrigan has an American Girl nightgown that was handed down from her cousins. Maggie prefers the "dancing kitty" and "sleepy kitty angels" pajamas. If these are dirty, watch out! There will be much screaming and gnashing of teeth.

Eion isn't so picky about his nightclothes but he did insist on wearing his winter coat and hat indoors all afternoon - over a long sleeve shirt and sweater. Our house just isn't that cold. But if he's happy, I'm happy.

But I suppose at least those are at home. Maggie will put together these combinations for school that make your head spin. The other day she wanted to wear jeans that were a size too small, a tank top (in January) and her sparkly red shoes. I drew the line. I will not let her out of the house looking like some sort of Wizard of Oz hooker.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Last night Tim was at tennis so after the kids went to bed, I curled up with a zombie flick, Land of the Dead which is the 4th movie in the George A. Romero "Dead" series. For those unaware, I have a deep love for all zombie movies, good and bad (there is a difference!) Tim really doesn't get it. He says they are all the same, undead in search of the living to eat. My response is exactly! What more could you want from a horror film. Not to discount other horror genres. I find slasher films tough to pass up too. My brother, Dominick, and I used to go through Blockbuster and rent all the horror movies in alphabetical order.

Now if you have been spending your time watching non-zombie movies, I have compiled a few of my personal favorites, just in case you need to branch out.

Demons (1985) This was the first zombie movie I ever saw. It was unrated so anyone under 18 couldn't get in. I was all of 13 or 14 and naturally was turned down at the ticket counter. But my friends and I begged the guy at the ticket window to let us in and eventually he did. This movie scared the wits out of me. Later in one of our A-Z rentals, Dominick & I saw this movie and it didn't seem nearly as scary. But how can you dis the tagline "Their cities will be your tomb."

Resident Evil (2002) Giant underground corporations conspire to hide the zombies their genetic research spawned. Need I say more.

28 Days Later (2002) Any film that contains a government contingency plan for zombie attacks is ok by me. Not to mention it is British. These are high class zombies.

Shawn of the Dead (2004) This is actually a zombie comedy but I just love that Shawn's entire plan to escape the zombies involves going to the pub.

Dial Z for Zombies (1992) (The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror III) Ok this is not a movie at all. But I love when Homer kills Flanders and Bart says "Dad! You killed the zombie Flanders!" and Homer replies "He was a zombie?"

Monday, January 15, 2007


A happy MLK Day to you all. When we got up this morning, Morrigan reminded me it was MLK day (as if I would forget, they close school the bastards.) I asked what we should do today. She said we should eat cake as that is what Dr. King would want us to do.

Yesterday we went for our post workout McDonalds as is tradition when Daddy works on Sunday. Nothing balances out a 3 mile run like a double cheeseburger. Yum! We went to the one that is further away but has a great playland. There I was accosted by some precocious little girl. Eion had not taken off his shoes as is required by the posted Rules of the Playland. Seeing as he really only stays at the entrance and acts as some sort of gatekeeper, I didn't let it interrupt my tasty burger. Enter little girl (not one of mine) who informs me, "He needs to take his shoes off." Now she clearly does not realize that my universally known disdain of being ordered around by children is eclipsed only by my hatred of being ordered around by children who are strangers.

My first plan was to ignore her entirely. Although I won't go as far as to say children should be seen and not heard, lord knows I hear mine all the time, I was not going to validate her belief that it was ok to go up to an adult and issue commands. This 7 year old Punky Brewster wannabe was not going to be put off that easily. She countered with, "You have to make him take his shoes off and put them in the cubby. Those are the rules!" Alright kiddo. I realize that you don't know that my husband has been at work for over 38 hours over the past three days and that I am generally short tempered as it is but the gloves are off. My response: "At our house, it is a rule that children don't speak to adults in a disrespectful manner so we will say these two transgressions cancel each other out." I was able to finish my fries in peace.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

What I Want to be When I Grow Up

There is this art contest in Virginia and the prize is prepaid tuition to a Virginia 4 year university. I asked Morrigan if she wanted to enter. She did. The theme of the picture had to be "what I want to be when I grow up." So I am thinking Doctor, Veterinarian, Teacher. She was thinking Beekeeper. Good to know that based on her picture, she plans to keep bees while wearing a dress and purple pumps.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Tim is working late today & the kids wanted pancakes for dinner. Though they are normally Daddy's domain, I figured how hard could it be. Then my little diners started in: "Daddy's pancakes aren't so dark," "Why is the middle goopy?" and my personal favorite "Look! Smoke!" Everyone is a critic.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Maggie's Growth Spurt

Maggie is growing so fast. This is a picture from yesterday. The picture from below is her in the same dress at Thanksgiving. She is going to be one tall drink of water!

Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra

For anyone who doubts the influence of tv, my girls were running through the house, singing in their best A Christmas Story fashion, "Tis the season to be jarry, fa ra ra ra ra..." Does warm the heart. I love that movie.

The E was sick this week. Most kids when sick are still and want to rest. Not my guy. He goes Jack Bauer. If I am not fussing for 24 hours straight, the world will perish. Mercifully, he is better today as I clearly need more sleep than him.

But he was not sick enough to miss the shredded wheat wars; the kids cereal du jour. (OK frosted shredded wheat.) After breakfast, it looks as though some sort of shredded wheat weapon has been set off in the kitchen. Part might be explained by Eion flat out dumping a bowl of pummeled cereal on the floor this morning. Ha! And he thought I didn't see!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mommy! Daddy!

With his calls for help unanswered, Eion now calls out "Mommy! Daddy!" as if we are not his parents when we are leaving somewhere if he does not want to go. Very nice.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Social Retribution

Not much posting this week. Tim was off Tuesday - Friday so we were busy. We managed to play tennis a few times. And in the spirit of new years resolutions, I went to a spin class to diversify my exercise routine.

I started working on the Book & Author Dinner this week. Next year I am chairing but this year I'm just doing PR. I finished the press release which is a big weight off my shoulders. Now I just have to distribute it.

Morrigan changed shoes sizes on me this week. For a few days, all she had to wear were hand me down cowboy boots from her cousins. Actually, it suited her just fine but I could have done without velvet dress/cowboy boot combos. Fortunately, the only store in town with Stride Rite shoes had a big sale this week. Morrigan was thrilled to death with her new shoes, among which were a pair of bright pink patent leather one. So she didn't feel too left out, Maggie got some new pink tennis shoes too. She loved them so much she slept in them. Girls and their love of shoes. Must be genetic to start at such a young age.

Morrigan told us yesterday that she was not invited to her friend Mark's birthday party. She was inconsolable. It didn't help to tell her that it was a slumber party for boys only. She wanted to go! Although I didn't think she was listening, I told her that we lived in a small town and it was inevitable that people would have parties & not invite her. You can't be on the list for everything. She cried even harder at the thought this might happen again. So I told her to take comfort in social retribution. You can leave him off your invite list next time. To be honest, she was crying so hard at that point, I didn't even think she heard me. But the this morning she asked me, "What is Mark going to suffer from?" I told her I didn't understand the question. She said, "For not inviting me to his party." Social retribution I said. Morrigan replied, "Yes. He will suffer from my social retribution."

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Snowman Cake

Happy New Year 2007

Our Supper Club had a New Years party hosted by Claudia & John. Though low-key, it was really fun. In spite of my prediction that we would be home by 10, we actually stayed until midnight which really didn't seem that well thought out this morning when we had to get up at 6am.

I made a three dimensional snowman cake. (I'll post a picture.) They said to allow one hour to assemble. At well over two hours, I was done. But I doubt they were factoring in making dinner at the same time, Eion choking on a piece of bacon & throwing up all over the counter, Eion covering the dishwasher with glitter glue, and demands for assistance with bike helmets. And no, they weren't riding the bikes, just wearing the gear. I told them they looked like robodorks but in the bizzaro world of my kids, they found this to be a compliment.

Tim forgot his lunch today so after we went to the gym, (yeah, jumping rope on 5 hours of sleep was great) we all went to the hospital to visit him. The girls were sweet & told him how much they loved him which hopefully will make his long day a little more tolerable. He was at the end of his rope when he left this morning.

Maggie & Morrigan have their friends Sophie & Riley over today mercifully keeping them busy. I am in need of a nap but it doesn't look like I will get one. I am going to bed obscenely early tonight!