Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The ladybugs have attacked. I am not kidding. As I sit in the office, there must be a couple hundred of them around the door. The basement is even worse. It is like something out of a horror film. It's bad luck to kill ladybugs but does that still stand when one is under siege?

Took the kids to the pumpkin patch last weekend. The girls had a ball. Eion kept trying to run into the street. Tim carved the first pumpkin last night. He really does an awesome job. I'll post pictures once he finishes the others. As I was at a Junior League meeting last night and he had kid detail, he couldn't get to them all.

We have a super busy weekend/week coming up. My little sis from my sorority days, Lisa Keller, is coming to visit tomorrow with her 3 kids. Friday, we have a goodbye party for our friends the Stacys who are moving to North Carolina. Saturday the girls are attending a birthday party and we are hosting our supper club. Next week, I'm going with Maggie's class to the circus and hosting my "bunko" group. I'm going to teach them to play poker. Now am I getting ready for any of that? Of course not! Instead I am obsessed with finding the perfect shoes on eBay to go with my 70's outfit for a Disco party in a few weeks. My rig is great so far. Just need those shoes....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Busy Week

Hard to believe that it is Thursday already! This week has flown by. Monday, I went with Morrigan's class on a field trip to Sinkland Farms (a pumpkin patch.) I was really surprised at how happy she was that I came. She wanted to sit with me on the bus and stayed with me the whole time rather than going off with her friends. Better enjoy it while it lasts. I'm sure teenage Morrigan will not act the same way! But we had fun. She was a bit distressed that all the pumpkins were dirty. Explaining that we were in a field of dirt didn't help. Luckily, another parent with a cloth came to the rescue. Maggie knew that I was going on Morrigan's field trip so she wants me to come on hers too. So I get to go to the circus with 12 three year olds AND drive 5 of them to Salem!

Tim & I went on a 5.4 mile hike called the Chestnut loop that is near our house. It is part of a series of trails through national forest that are literally 200 feet from our front door. I can't believe that it took me three years to get on them. But then again, I've been pregnant & caring for newborns so much I never had the time. Now that I have been there, I want to take full advantage of them!

Last night we went to our second ballroom dancing class. It is fun which is fortunate because we really suck. Coordination was never my strong suit. Our friends Hans and Ann are taking the class with us and have much more rhythm! But we had fun and laughed allot. Maybe we can even get a few moves down before the end of the classes.

Tim had to go back to work today. He had 7 days off (in a row) so I guess it was about time. But after the next 2 weeks, he has a 6 day off stretch again. We are getting spoiled around here!

Last but not least, I decorated for Halloween this week. It is one of my favorite holidays & I was happy to get out the gear. Maggie helped me unpack everything while Morrigan was at school. When she got home, Maggie took her around the house to show her all the new additions & Morrigan kept telling me "I love all this Halloween stuff!" Like mother, like daughter.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Snakes on a Front Yard

So I come home from tennis this morning and there is a 2 1/2 foot long snakeskin in my driveway. Eeww! Well I wasn't sure if it was skin or the actual snake at first so I grabbed a big shovel & went to check it out. Fortunately, it was only skin. Now we do live on an eastern facing rocky slope, an all-time favorite of copperheads, so I was not completely shocked to see a snakeskin. But as we had not had a sighting for a couple of years, I was not happy either.

I left it for the girls to see. They do not have my paralyzing fear of snakes and thought it was neat. All the kids wanted to touch it. On my way in the house, I found yet a second skin (that I did not see earlier) that was at least 5 feet long (see picture above.) We [read: Tim] bagged that one for later show and tell sessions. What was the worst is the big skin was on its way under the house. So I probably have some gargantuan copperhead hibernating under my garage. This is about all the snake action my ophidiophobic self can take.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Driving Home From Tennis

I was driving Morrigan & her friend Katherine home from tennis clinic today and the conversation went like this:
M: "Mommy, can I marry Mark?"
Me: "Yes but when you are much older."
K: "I already know who I'm going to marry."
M: "Kyle?"
K: "No, he is yucky and mean. I'm going to marry Logan. I already kissed him hundreds of times."
M: "You should tell him to stop that, it's gross."