Friday, July 28, 2006

Eion's 18 Month Doctors Appointment

Eion had his 18 month doctors appointment this morning. He is healthy & growing a ton. The little guy grew 1 1/2 inches in the last two months. No wonder he can be cranky. It must hurt to grow that fast. He is still a light guy, only in the 25th percentile. Must be burning allot of calories as he leaves a swath of destruction through the house.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Long Two Weeks

We are getting packed for a much needed beach vacation but I realized I had been so busy for the last two weeks that I didn't post at all! So what has been going on here....

We were without power for 30 long, hot hours last week (also getting in the way of my posting.) It was unpleasant enough but we only got power back a day before we were hosting a party for 50 people. I was busy. But the party went great & many mojitos were enjoyed!

Since the power was out & the house was very hot, Morrigan got to sleep over at her friend Grace's house (see picture above.) She was tired the next day but I think they had a pretty good time. Morrigan was at camp at the Temple last week with Grace. She sang to us in Hebrew every night at dinner. Some nice diversity for her! This week she went to the preschool tennis clinic on Wednesday. She is pretty excited about it but part of that might just be that she really wants to get some tennis clothes.

Maggie is thrilled that she finally gets to go to camp this week. Since she isn't three yet, there aren't many camp options & she was jealous that Morrigan was going & she couldn't. The camp she is at this week is at Raleigh Court Pres & we had never been there before. I thought she might be a little scared but she did great. Pretty much waved me off & never looked back. She is still doing well with the potty training too. Now I am down to one kid in diapers. I really don't know what to do with myself! Maggie has also decided she wants to be a doctor. She came over to me at the pool & said, "Are you sick? I can make you feel better. I'm a doctor. I'm Dr. Eskenazi (our pediatrician.)" I said "That's good Maggie because I'm not feeling well." To which she said "Call me Eskenazi!" Fortunately for me, she is letting me call her Maggie again.

Eion had his first haircut this week. When faced with his problematic hair, she said, "Let's hope brush cuts are in for a long time." He is getting faster & more devious by the day. He escaped out the front door the other day without me noticing. Morrigan said to me, "Eion is walking up the driveway to the street!" I have been much more careful about locking doors. He goes in for his 18 month doctors appointment tomorrow. I doubt they have an immunization for twerp.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I Feel Like an Arse

Having a bad day? This post will make you feel better because you can't feel like a bigger arse than me.
Tim is working all weekend 7am-7pm so you know we had to get out of the house. We visited Tim at work to drop off his labcoat. Then we went to the gym. All is well. Kids are happy. No accidents from Maggie. Then we arrive at the pool. The Club has a baby pool and a "big" pool. The baby pool was closed because a lifeguard put in too much of some chemical. But that is really no big deal. We all went to the shallow end of the big pool. Kids are being good, all is well and then disaster. We're sitting on the stairs with about 10 other parents and kids and I look down at Eion who is surrounded in floating poop! (Just fyi, he did have a swim diaper on. This was a blowout.) In a panic, I exclaim "Oh my god!" and remove him from the pool. I carry him at arm's length to our towels to change him. Note: I was too freaked out to get my other kids out or recommend exit to the other pool-goers. Trust me, this was not a little piece of poo. It was like 25 little pieces of poo. I immediately told the lifeguards who proceeded to shut the pool down for the rest of the day. Now this wouldn't be so bad if it were the end of a cloudy day but it was 1:20, 94 degrees, and beautiful. They turned away no fewer than 6 groups of people while we were packing up to leave. At least they weren't revealing me as the source of the problem to people!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Go Maggie Go!

At long last, Maggie is potty trained. While you may be thinking big deal, I guarantee you would have changed your mind after one diaper. She was like a little hobo. But we are on our fourth day without an accident and counting.

Speaking of delayed milestones, Morrigan has finally learned to ride a tricycle. Yes, she is just short of five but unfortunately for her inherited my complete lack of coordination. Now maybe we can get out the bike...

Eion, who still isn't much of a talker, has learned to sign that he is hungry. So far we are finding this vastly superior to his old method which was to wail at the top of his lungs until you figured out what was wrong.

As for Tim, he is working 72 hours over the next 8 days. Which means I will be at the gym allot! Love that free daycare. But at least I am getting results. I was able to squat 150 lbs yesterday. Only 6 reps but getting up there. Thankfully after this next set of shifts, We'll go to the beach & Tim has 12 days off. I hear the little ones are up so I'd better go & get them!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

All He Needs...

When I was pregnant with Eion, I told a friend of mine with two boys that I wasn't sure what to do with a boy. Girls I could handle but a boy I wasn't so sure about. She told me, "Katie, boys are easy. Really all they need is some dirt and their penis and they are happy."

To the right is a picture from this past weekend. I found Eion covered in dirt. [Note to self: get rid of that pot of dirt!] When he tired of the dirt, I took him straight to the bathtub. After I took his clothes off, the first thing he did was grab his penis. And boy was he happy.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

One Month Down, Two to Go

The fun never stops here... The kids' favorite tv show these days is The Wonder Pets. It is actually kind of a cute show about three classroom pets who go on adventures saving other animals after the kids go home for the day. The girls have decided to adopt Wonder Pet personas. Morrigan is Winnie, the guinea pig, Maggie is Ming Ming, the duckling, and they assigned Eion as Tuck, the turtle. They make me call them by their alter egos and run around singing the theme song, "What's gonna work? Teamwork!" Morrigan also wants celery with every meal, just like Winnie. Most kids want to be superheros, mine want to be Wonder Pets. Eion still answers to Eion anyway.

Speaking of Eion, he has become a demanding little guy. And what he wants right now is Maggie's stuffed puppy, appropriately named Puppy. After Tim's Mom came to stay with us when Eion was born, I sent her some flowers to say thank you. They came with this puppy. So the next time she came to visit, she brought it for the kids. Maggie has been attached to it ever since. Eion really wants Puppy too. So I thought, lets get him some other puppy. He won't care! Wrong. I gave him Puppy II and he screamed "No!" and cried and threw it on the floor. [Small silver lining, this was a new word for him. One I am sure he will use with alarming frequency.] So I asked Maggie, "Wouldn't you like a new puppy & you can give that old one to Eion?" Initially, she agreed and I thought, job well done you clever Mommy. But this only lasted until she actually saw him with Puppy I and threw a fit. Then just to keep me on my toes, Morrigan busts into tears because she doesn't have a puppy.

I did try to see if I might be able to order more flowers and get a new, identical puppy. [The desperation is clear, I know.] No such luck. Puppy seems to have fallen out of favor with florists.

So where does that leave us? Maggie has Puppy I. Eion is still puppyless and actively covets Puppy I. Morrigan, although previously very happy with her stuffed animal situation, has Puppy II who I am sure will be very precious for all of a day. I am out $5 and in need of a martini.