Sunday, June 25, 2006

Birthdays and Camps and Movies Oh My!

Summer continued at it's rapid pace this week. Morrigan went to a half day camp at our gym. The week was filled with all sorts of athletic pursuits but she had a great time anyway! They posted pictures of the campers today and Morrigan seemed to enjoy karate and soccer. She and her friend Grace won the dance competition. Would have loved to have seen that. She went home for lunch with Grace one day. Her Mom told me that Morrigan used very good manners and was polite. I was thrilled. We work on manners all the time but you never know how the animals will do in the wild. The next day at the pool, an acquaintance of ours told me "Morrigan really knows her manners." Now I am starting to get a big head. Then he told me, "She told me I shouldn't talk with my mouth full." Head now shrunk back to original size.

Morrigan went to two birthday parties this week. She, naturally, loved it. Now I have to see how quickly I can rid our house of goodie bag paraphernalia without inciting revolution.

Maggie and I went to the movies this week. A theater here shows 2nd and 3rd run movies as matinees geared for kids. They only charge $1 admission so it is good, cheap fun. We went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Maggie is 3 months shy of being 3 years old so I didn't really think this would fly. But for $1, I rolled the dice. She loved it. In spite of her initial disappointment that the monkey wasn't in this movie either (but they are playing Curious George later in the summer), she was mesmerized. What really shocked me was that she seemed to get at least part of it. After the movie was over, she told me, "One kid fell in the chocolate, one fell in the hole, one was a blueberry and one got really small." We may have to make the "Mommy Matinees" a weekly outing.

Eion is starting to talk a little. Mostly, he likes to just scream until you figure out what he wants. But he has started to say something that sounds like "bless you" when people sneeze. And he definitely can say "up." Not much of a talker this one. But that really is ok. I have enough little people ordering me around.

No camps this week so the kids have me triple teamed. Keep me in your prayers....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pool Fun

As I write tonight, I can't stop crying. No, nothing sad happened but I got this darn spray sunscreen in my eyes & they have been weeping ever since. Maybe by tomorrow it will stop! We've been at the pool as much as possible lately. All the kids like it in their own way. Morrigan has come a LONG way from last summer. She will go under water & tries to swim (with limited success but at least she wants to swim now.) She definitely has her own sense of style. When you let her wear goggles, she won't take them off even when out of the water. So the other day, I just told her we forgot them figuring I would save her from looking like a dork. As though to prove me wrong and and show me how she wanted to be as dorky as possible, she found a goggle/mask combination (pictured above.) Next time, I will give her the goggles.

Maggie is getting more comfortable with the water everyday. She will walk from one end of the baby pool to the other (this is major progress) and just today went down the slide in the big pool. Our friend Brad was there today. I think she mainly did it to get him to pay attention to her! She wanted to go down the slide, but only if he would catch her. She wants to swim but doesn't really understand what to do. Maybe it is time for more swim lessons.

Eion, well he's just Eion. The pool is his chance to toddle around & mess with everything on which he can get his hands. He loves to carry around a grilled cheese sandwich and occasionally dip it in some pool water like a little raccoon. Generally, he will just play by the edge of the baby pool. But every now and then, just to keep me on my toes, he will crawl into an area that is too deep for him. Thank goodness for lifeguards.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is here. For the past few weeks, Maggie & Eion have been done with school but Morrigan's was still in session. June was going by so fast. I thought, this summer is going to be so much better than last summer! Then Morrigan got out of school. The next morning (today) the fighting ensued. Mix in with whining, complaining and general fussiness, and you have the return of last summer.

But let's not forget the good points. The picture above is Morrigan at her pre-k end of the year party. I went to the party with mixed feelings. Did I really want to give up one of my last free days before summer? When I came into the cafeteria, Morrigan leapt up out of her seat & gave me a big hug. She yelled out to all her friends "Look! My Mama is here!" Please. When will she ever be that excited again that I am with her friends? Then I got to hear from all the cafeteria workers and her teachers how she was such a sweet and polite girl. One of her teachers has been out sick but came back for the last day. She said that Morrigan told her, "It just wasn't the same without you."

Now if I can jut get her to be that sweet at home......

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Taking Down the Boys

Girls rule! I played in a Texas Hold 'em tournament last night at a friend's house. There were 17 guys and me. I came in second. There were three tables, two of which were outside. I knew many of the people playing inside and they all knew I like to play. The guys outside figured I would be out early. Whenever someone from those tables came in, they would check in to see if the "chick" was still in. Well I was and when we got down to the final table, had the pleasure of knocking a few of them out! I lost to a good friend, Rob D. Still on a poker high but didn't get to bed until after 3am. Very tired today.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Arrival of Summer

Well summer is here in full effect with school out until September, at least for Maggie & Eion. Roanoke public schools were kind enough to have the school year go until the 14th of June. So every morning Morrigan taunts her sister with "I get to go to school and you don't." To which Maggie has learned to respond, "But I get to stay home and have Maggie-Mommy day!" Soon there will plenty of "kids vs. Mommy" days to go around.

The return of summer brings with it the return of the white trash pool. Good for lots of wet fun. This picture is a bit out of character. Normally, the girls like to get all "nakey" while Eion dives in fully dressed, shoes and all. Doesn't take long to realize that if we are leaving the house, locking the door to the deck is critical to avoid wet, naked children delays.

We've been going on picnics in the park when it is too cold for the pool. The girls do really well. Eion ends up toting around a peanut butter sandwich (or apple slice or watermelon) encrusted in playground dirt. Luckily for me, the dirt doesn't seem to bother him so I don't let it bother me. After falling off a lawn chair yesterday, he has a new purple bruise on his forehead. Which really is a good thing. His other scrapes & bruises were fading & he was starting to look as though he didn't live in a blender.