Saturday, March 25, 2006

Vegas Baby!

I didn't realize we had such a busy month until I looked & I hadn't posted since March 6th! We just got back from Las Vegas where we spent 5 fantastic days, without the kids of course. Tim attended a trauma CME course. He said it was one of the best conferences to which he's been. His time in class was fine with me as I was free to go shopping. Roanoke is a lovely town but the shopping here is abysmal! I really found tons of great things. So much so that when we checked out, Tim lifted up the suitcase & said "What the hell did you buy?"

We played lots of poker, probably 12 hours over the course of our stay. Tim finished ahead, I did not. But considering I am a relatively new player, I didn't lose too badly! Certainly between the two of us, we drank enough bourbon to equal my losses. (For those who might think the bourbon may have had something to do with my standing, the night I drank water was when I lost the most by far! So I am done with water and cards, it's Maker's Mark from here on out.) Tim maintains I wasn't playing too badly. My proudest moment was when the whole table folded around me because I re-raised. I've got the tight playing down. Now I just need to get a bit more aggressive.

For anyone going, we found the poker room at Caesar's Palace to be the best we saw. MGM had a better crowd, but it was very noisy & smoky. Caesar's was non-smoking (in the poker room.)

But the highlight of the trip was our dinner at Joel Robuchon At The Mansion, located in the MGM Grand. We had a 7 course tasting menu with wine pairings. It was, hands down, the best meal I have ever had. We were seated in a corner booth that was a big purple velvet covered sofa. A great comfy place to people watch & eat! The foie gras and smoked eel was amazing. Actually the whole thing was amazing. Six guys came out to serve us soup! It was a bit embarrassing when the brought out the dessert cart. The waiter described the 5 million things available. I was sure that the blue thing in the middle was dyed white chocolate shavings. Much to my dismay when I ordered it, it was a decoration! Oops! I ate every bite they put in front of me (other than the decoration.) I tried to scan in the menu (as we took no pictures the entire trip) but it isn't readable. For anyone who wants to be bored endlessly, give us a call. I'll be happy to give you the blow-by-blow of the meal!

Now it is back to reality and a little extra running to counteract that meal! But I was ready to come back. I missed the little terrors. Nothing in Vegas was as great as the greeting from the kids all yelling "Mommy we missed you so much!" and hugging me!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Maggie's 1st Trip to the Movies

Maggie went to see her first movie yesterday with Tim. They went to see Curious George. Maggie loves individual time with one parent (poor middle child) and generally on the way to a solo activity, she'll chant, "Not Morrigan, not Eion, only Maggie." When they got to the movies, Maggie gave Tim an unsolicited, "I love you so much Daddy." They got some popcorn & a sprite, which is a real treat. We really never give the kids soda and Maggie loves it. If you leave an unattended soda can around, she will always make off with it!

The movie went well with Maggie completely enthralled. On the way out, she carefully went down the stairs, clutching her soda with a death grip, holding up the entire theater. But when they reached the last stair, she stopped & told Tim again, "I love you Daddy." She came home just bursting with excitement. He can't wait for another Daddy/Maggie outing!

On an unrelated movie note, I went to an Oscars party last night. I had only seen one of the nominated films, Star Wars. (Actually it was the only movie I saw in the theater last year!) But it was going to be a fun girls night anyway. The hostess had requested "red carpet attire" so I was wearing a black tie dress and a fur coat. On my way out, the girls were very excited that I was so "fancy" and kept taking turns hugging me. It was even better than being a movie star.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Random thoughts for today

Tim took Morrigan to the grocery store & the other two are napping so I have 5 minutes to myself! I am, of course, glued to the computer as I have a round of eBay auction items about to end. Currently they are pulling in $437.95. righteous bucks for clothes the kids have outgrown. I've also found the greatest Easter suit for Eion on eBay. It is a pink & white striped seersucker suit by Sean John. It fits the profile by which all of Eion's clothes must be chosen - would Tim wear this? We'll see if I win the auction.

The other thing I was thinking about is what is up with children & boogies? Specifically, why do they all eat them? Now I know it sounds gross but come on. You know you did it when you were three! Tim was carrying Maggie into school the other day & she was chewing on something. He asked her what she was eating & her response was "I pick the nose." And this is not an isolated incident. It was probably just over a year ago that I saw Morrigan eating something. I asked her what she had in her mouth. She said "gum." Knowing that I do not stock gum, I asked where she got it. The answer? You guessed it! She said "My nose." So if anyone can explain this gross, gross phenomenon, please let me know.

We have a daytime babysitter, Arlene, starting tomorrow for Eion. She's coming two mornings a week. My tennis game should improve dramatically! Also, this weekend I finally made it to 8 minute miles on the track. Granted, I can only do three miles at a time & do look as though I'm about to die afterwards. But no matter. I am down 2 minutes per mile over the last six months.

Last thing on my mind is Vegas! Only about 2 weeks and Tim & I are off to Sin City. Anyway, I have to get away from the computer as I keep checking the auctions every few minutes (up $2 during this blog.)