Thursday, February 23, 2006

Who knew MLK was so fly?

Morrigan has been learning about Martin Luther King at school. When you ask her what he did, she says, "He marched." I have only ever seen black and white photos of the man. But apparently Morrigan knows something I don't about his style as her rendition has him in a green suit, orange shirt and blue tie.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Young Love

Who knew it would start this early. We suspected that Morrigan had fallen for Matthew as we routinely heard reports about how he didn't like her dress or called her bossy (I'm with you on that one Matt!) Today Morrigan came home and told us she told Matthew she loved him. No word on his response but her teacher said not to tell boys that anymore! I am just happy there have been no further biting incidents.

Eion is pictured with his new train table. I got a great deal on it at Tuesday Morning. When I opened it I was dismayed to find the parts list included 100(!) screws. Thank god for the electric screwdriver. In one of my prouder parenting moments, we were at the gym the other day. I was a half mile into a three mile run & the nursery called me in to change Eion's diaper. He had a blowout that messed up his pants and onesie but left his sweater ok. So I changed his diaper & put his sweater on. He looked great in a sweater, diaper & shoes. Trailer park, here I come!

Had to take my car into the shop yesterday (I'm probably being punished by the fashion gods for that Eion thing.) I was on my way to tennis clinic when the Suburban started lurching and the check engine soon light started flashing. I have seen that light come on in the past but never flash! Although I was worried & saw a future with large repair bills, it turned out to be pretty minor.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowy Weekend

So what's new on our front? Morrigan bit two of her classmates last week. Thursday we got a note in her bag that she bit her friend Paige & wouldn't apologize. We had a talk about how she needed to say she was sorry. I called Paige's Mom & apologized and sent Morrigan off to school the next day. That afternoon, found another note from the teacher that Morrigan apologized to Paige (good) but bit Tommy (bad.) I called Tommy's parents to apologize. His Dad seemed sure he instigated it. I would possibly agree if not for the "incident" the day before! She's never been a biter so we're not sure what is going on. But I've decided that we need to nip this in the bud. TV was off all weekend (which may have been as painful for us as her since we were out late Friday - see photo) and I threatened that she would not go to her friend's party next week is she bit again. I'll keep you updated on my little Dracula.

We had some snow this weekend & the girls love to go out in it. Mostly, they eat the snow. But it keeps them busy for long periods of time so I can't argue.

Tim & I went to a party on Friday. (See picture above.) Same dress as the last post. I don't get out shopping much! It was held by a men's social group Tim is in called the Squires. Unfortunately, the band blew out the electricity (old building) so there wasn't much dancing.

Tim had to work today from 11am-11pm. Though I was expecting a rough day, the kids were great. Maybe it was all the snow they ate!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Princess Tea Party

The girls went to a Princess Birthday Tea party at the club on Saturday. It was a hoot. All the girls dressed up in princess gear (on the right are the girls and a friend of theirs) and drank "tea" (apple juice) out of real cups! They had pb&j and grilled cheese finger sandwiches too. I'll post some party pictures on the far right. The goodie bags had magic wands in them that made a noise every time they moved. Unfortunately for me, they did not have an off switch. It was a noisy ride home!

They had another birthday party on Sunday. Two in a row! It was little kid heaven. Made the mistake of taking Eion to the Sunday party. He was a real fusspot. Finally he quieted down & someone pointed out to me that he was munching on a crayon. I decided not to intervene. At least he wasn't crying anymore and the labels do say right on them "non-toxic."

Yesterday I went to tennis clinic. Had a great time even though one other player & I had to be quarantined from the rest of the group due to our marginal skills! Tim & I are playing mixed doubles on Friday. I predict defeat but either way, we get to have lunch at the club afterwards. And I get another wearing in on my cute tennis outfit!

The girls went to their first swim lesson yesterday too. The instructor said they did fine in spite of the fact that Maggie spent most of her time out of the water. All I know is one of these kids needs to learn to swim. I'll be damned if I am going to spend the summer at the pool with three accidents waiting to happen.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mid-Week Review

So I have to say this has been an interesting, if gross, week so far. Things started well. The picture on the left is from Monday. Maggie & Eion went with me to RAMA's pancake breakfast at our partner school, Morningside Elementary. We make pancakes for all the kids with perfect attendance. They (surprise) were not much help, but they had fun.

Tuesday morning when I went to get Eion in the morning, he was covered with puke. A nice yucky way to start the day! That night at 11:30pm, I heard Maggie crying. She was in bed covered with puke. This was starting to get old. She ended up in bed with me throwing up all night. At one point, she said she didn't feel well & I tried to take her to the bathroom. On the way there, she projectile vomited in my eye. (I am not kidding.) Tonight at dinner, Morrigan threw up all over the counter & herself. I have had enough! Luckily, they seem to bounce back quickly. In spite of the rough night, Maggie was back in action today. So some messy sheets and ocular trauma aside, we have survived.