Sunday, November 27, 2005

Skipping Thanksgiving

Tim had to work all of thanksgiving weekend (3pm-11pm shifts, brutal) so we are skipping Thanksgiving this year. Looks like the Christmas season starts right after Halloween anyway. We were at the mall and found Santa there (see photo left) in the middle of November!

Morrigan is in pre-k and learned all about Thanksgiving. She informed me that we need to go to the water and find the Indians. Once we locate them, they will shoot a turkey for us with an arrow. Seeing as I don't know any Indians (in the water or not), I don't think we can live up to her Thanksgiving expectations anyway!

So on to Christmas....the kids were thrilled to help decorate the tree. Last year I had a very pretty tree with lots of breakable ornaments. We had to gate it off from the kids and no one went near it. Seemed pretty silly so this year we used all difficult to break "disposable" ornaments. Maggie & Morrigan went wild. The tree is a bit bottom heavy with decorations, an average of 3-4 per branch, but they had fun.

Consumerism has already taken hold of the little ones. Many requests for gifts have already been made. Maggie doesn't quite get it. When I ask her what she wants for Christmas, the answer is "Presents!" I guess that gives me all of leeway. Morrigan is more specific. She told me she wants the Dora doll with the growing hair. When I asked why she would want that since she already has 4 Dora dolls that collect dust, she informed me with authority, "It's on tv!" How can I argue with that logic?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Welcome to the Circus!

I read that any idiot can post their thoughts on a blog and thought, "That means me!" Seriously, we live far from many of our friends and family and thought this would be a great way to stay in touch (or bore you to tears with the day to day details of our lives.) I planned to share pictures and keep people posted on our lives through our website. I figured I would update it once or twice a week. But as those of you who may have visited it found, these updates really only came once or twice a year! So I am going to abandon the website and try this. Hopefully, I can keep this blog a bit more current.

First the name. Life Under the Big Top is how I thought of my life over the past two years. Pretty much since Maggie's birth, I feel like the circus theme (do do do do do do) should play as theme music for our lives.

Next. What this blog will accomplish. Nothing productive. You will be able to read about our antics and think, "Thank God that's not me!" I figure this is cheaper than therapy. So enjoy!

PS You can click on the pictures to the right & they will start a slideshow.